Father's Day Tracing Activities : FREE 5 Tracing Pages 1
Tracing Mat | 3-6 Years Old | Father's Day

Father’s Day Tracing Activities : FREE 5 Tracing Pages

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With the upcoming Father’s Day celebration, I’m excited to share our Father’s Day Tracing Activities!

My husband is a great father to our kids.

Not only he’s a breadwinner of our family, he’s also a great chef in the kitchen, he knows how to make our kids laugh and having fun, and many times he helped sooth our baby to sleep!

Daddy nowadays are no more ‘just’ a babysitter.

They are Dad. The one who can do everything despite having a rough day at work, just like Mom.

And they deserve a huge Father’s Day celebration.

Father's Day Activities for Kids

Father’s Day Tracing Activities

In this pack, I’ve included 5 pages of tracing activities :

Trace the Tie

It’s where your little ones got to trace patterns on father’s tie and color them afterwards.

There are 2 sets of ties. The first set is about tracing lines and shapes.

Father's day tracing activities

The second set is about tracing letters on the tie.

Father's day tracing activities

Trace the Appreciation

We know Dads usually aren’t good with words.

But we know that we can always gift them with loving words to show them how we feel.

In this pack, I’ve included tracing page with appreciation word for Dad.

Father's day tracing activities

This one is about tracing the appreciation word itself.

Father's day tracing activities

Have your little ones trace the word and you can laminate it later as a gift or as a card.

Trace and Count

Let’s count the donuts and trace the numbers!

Father's day tracing activities

Ready for exciting Father’s Day celebration?

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Father's Day Tracing Activities : FREE 5 Tracing Pages 2

More Tracing Activities

If you love this freebie, you’d definitely love this complete Father’ Day Tracing pack.

Father's Day Tracing Activities

Father's Day Tracing Activities : FREE 5 Tracing Pages 3

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