Fun Letter H Worksheets for Beginning Learners

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Are you looking for Letter H worksheets activities for your preschool and kindergarten kids?

I have just the perfect printables for you. Our letter activities are created especially for your little ones who are just beginning to learn their letters.

About the Activities in Our Letter H Worksheets Pack

Little kids learn easily with things that are relatable to their daily life.

Activity #1: Cut and Paste the Pictures

For example, in this cut and paste Letter H printables, your little ones are going to learn that each of the pictures on the worksheets starts with letter H.

cut and paste letter h worksheets

The way I introduced it is, for example, “Look at this (pointing at hat picture). This is a hat, /h/ /h/ /h/. Hat begins with the letter H.”

“Lets cut the hat and paste it into the letter H.”

Or show all the pictures to your little ones and say the name of the picture one by one.

When you repeatedly say ‘Hippo’, ‘Hat’ or ‘Hose’; your little readers will get to hear the sound of the letter H.

Activity #2: Letter Recognition

Pull out your crayon supply and let your kids have fun finding & coloring the letter H in the smiling hippo.

Fun Letter H Worksheets for Beginning Learners 1

Activity #3: Cut and Paste the Letter H

Letters can look very different either on cereal boxes or in different storybooks.

This activity will help your little ones recognize the many faces of the letter ‘H’.

cut and paste letter h printables

Activity #4: Tracing Letter H Worksheets

Tracing the letters help little ones get the idea about how to write the letters independently.

In this part, your little learners will get to trace the lowercase and uppercase letter H.

Fun Letter H Worksheets for Beginning Learners 2

Ready for fun Letter H activities?

Shop Letter H Printable Worksheets

Be sure to grab your Letter H activities pack by clicking on the button below.

Have fun!

letter h worksheets activities

Letter H Worksheets

Let’s have fun cutting and pasting while learning alphabet letters with this Letter H activity packet.

Perfect for beginning learners.

Fun Letter H Worksheets for Beginning Learners 3

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