CVC Word Cards

CVC Word Cards : FREE 6 CVC Word Cards

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This post mark my girl’s first journey to CVC reading. She’s now can read at about 10 CVC Word Cards on her own!

Hence I am excited to share our CVC Word Cards.

This printables share 6 CVC words including ‘cat’, ‘bat’ and ‘hat from the ‘-at’ family; and also ‘dad’,’sad’ and ‘mad’ from ‘-ad’ family.

The Story Behind Our CVC Word Cards

Initially, I wasn’t that confident to let Maryam read on her own. She didn’t show any sign.

We started with alphabet recognition activity and beginning sounds activity.

The letter C has a sound /c/, the letter B makes the sound /b/. We learn both the letters’ name and sounds.

I didn’t put much hope. We are just having fun.

CVC Word Card Printables

Trying to Read the CVC Word Cards

Once I created this CVC Word Cards, I just let it laying around.

Suddenly Maryam picked it up and asked me to teach her how to read it.

So I started to teach her how to blend the sounds. To my surprise, she’s able to blend those sounds and read the word by herself!

I was so thrilled and excited that I created some more CVC Word Cards to read together.

Start with Familiar Words

I created only those words that she already familiar with, such as ‘cat’, ‘bat’ and ‘hat’. Also the -ad family words such as ‘dad’, ‘sad’ and ‘mad’.

Starting with easy and familiar words would help our kid to feel motivated and keep on asking for more.

This happen with Maryam.

She kept asking for more and I need to crack my head what other familiar CVC words she can try,

I guess doing non-alphabet letter such as just reading the book together, doing emotion activities; all these help us a lot towards reading.

Because the vocabulary is already there, she would naturally want to know how to spell it out.

CVC Word Card Printables

Our Step-by-Step Embracing CVC Words

For one last time for my own record and hopefully can help some of you get your kids reading beginning with CVC words; let me share with you what did we do first, next and next.

First, we just read some books together. We did activity together. We discussed emotions through emotions printables and other activities; hence from here she got to know the word ‘sad’ and ‘mad’

Then, we started doing beginning sound activity. Again, this is just for fun.

You can take a peek at our Letter of The Week packet that is jam packed with coloring, cut and paste activities. We did some of the printables in the pack for beginning sound activity.

While at this, I teach them the letter’s name and sound.

We are yet to finish all of our letters. I am taking it one letter for one day or one week for my kids, depending on their mood.

But we did repeat the some of the same letters for the next month.

Next, we try to read the CVC Word Cards.

Don’t worry if your kid can’t blend it the first time. Maryam was the same.

She’s only made it when she is ready. So, don’t drill, just have fun!

Ready for CVC fun time?

Get Your Download

Don’t forget to grab your free CVC Word Cards by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

CVC Word Cards : FREE 6 CVC Word Cards 1

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