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Letter B Worksheets : Letter B Tracing for Preschool

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“Can we do this next time?” asked my kids every time we are to do an alphabet tracing printable.

They find it not exciting…

Having to trace the same letter over and over again is just not fun.

Well, if I have to repeat the same mundane thing over and over again, it is sure not fun for me either.

So what I did was, create our own version of letter tracing printable. (grab your free Letter B Worksheets at the bottom of this post)

Our Letter B Tracing Printables

Below is what our letter B tracing printable looks like. Perfect use for preschool and kindergarten.

We start with tracing the uppercase letter b, or you can start with tracing the lowercase letter; as long as we don’t mix both uppercase lowercase for early learners

Making Letter Tracing Fun, Is It Possible?

Tracing letter B can be tricky because of the curved lines in the letter.

Little ones can easily be demotivated to keep on doing.

In this Letter B Worksheets, I throw in Letter B related pictures and put in 2 types of tracing.

Turns out, my kids love it!

tracing letter b snowman theme
We continue with lowercase letter b tracing

P.s: Read our Penguin Alphabet Tracing to get in-depth on how to use this tracing page in a more effective way.

tracing letter b worksheet

These letter B tracing worksheets are pulled out from our big Snowman Alphabet Tracing printable pack.

Be sure to grab your Letter B Tracing worksheets by clicking on the download button below.

Letter B Worksheets : Letter B Tracing for Preschool 1

More Letter Tracing Worksheets

For Letter A to Letter Z tracing, check the Snowman Alphabet Tracing packet at our store!

letter b tracing printable snowman theme

Letter B Worksheets : Letter B Tracing for Preschool 2

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