Fun Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets Activities

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Are you looking for fun Letter J cut and paste worksheets for your beginning learners?

I have just that for you.

You can use these letter activities for your preschool kids who are just beginning to learn their letters and letter sounds.

Let me share a sneak peek.

Cut and Paste the Pictures

Little kids learn easily with things that are relatable to their daily life.

For example, in below Letter J cut and paste worksheets, your little ones are going to learn that each of the pictures on the worksheets starts with letter J.

letter j cut and paste worksheets

The way I introduced it is, for example, “Look at this (pointing at jellyfish picture). This is a jellyfish, /j/ /j/ /j/. Jellyfish begins with the letter J.”

“Let’s cut the jellyfish and paste it into the letter J.”

Or show all the pictures to your little ones and say the name of the picture one by one.

When you repeatedly say ‘Jellyfish’, ‘Jar’ or ‘Jam’; your little readers will get to hear the sound of the letter J.

All of the pictures have the beginning sounds of the letter J, so there’ll be no wrong answer.

letter j worksheets

Both the uppercase Letter J and the lowercase letter J have the same pictures.

This is so that it helps young learners to understand that both letters are the same since both have the same pictures.

More Cut and Paste Pictures Activities

The activity below is about cutting all the pictures and pasting them onto all the letters.

letter j cut and paste the pictures

This helps your kids to review that both uppercase and lowercase Letter J are the same letters; it’s just they look different.

Cut and Paste the Letter J

Letters can look very different either on cereal boxes or in different storybooks.

For example, some lowercase letters J are more curly than the others, but they are actually the same letters.

letter j activities for preschool

Some uppercase letters J have ‘head’, some don’t.

letter j activities for preschoolers

This activity will help your little ones recognize the many faces of the letter ‘Jj’.

More Cut and Paste Letter Activities

The activity below is about sorting the letters.

Fun Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets Activities 1

Have your kids cut all the Letter J and paste them into the corresponding jar.

This activity is perfect for letter recognition activity.

Where Can I Get This Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets

You can find these activities in my Letter J Worksheets pack here.

Among other fun Letter J activities included in the pack are tracing the letters, dot the letters, letter hunt, and more.

Ready for fun Letter J cut and paste?

Shop Letter J Worksheets Activity Pack

Let’s pull out your scissors and glue, and let the fun begin!

Shop here for your Letter J Activities Pack (including the cut and paste activities)

Fun Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets Activities 2

Letter J Activity Packet

Jam-packed with fun cut-and-paste activities, tracing activities, and more; your kids will have a blast learning Letter J!

Fun Letter J Cut and Paste Worksheets Activities 3

Have fun!

More Letter Activities

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