car road trip ABC Puzzle matching games

Car Road Trip Matching Puzzle Games : FREE 26 Simple Puzzles

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Is your kids are looking forward for some road trip?

Come and get our newest printable – the Car Road Trip Matching Puzzle Games. You would love it!

P.s : You can get the download link at the bottom of this post.

I always love it when my kids have lots of question during the trip. It shows that they are observing and is beginning to learn about the world around them.

For instance, when we are in the car, on the road; the kids love to ask about the traffic lights and how it functions, the number plate on each car and more.

It were first a bit annoying, but later I learnt that this is how the kids are actually learning!

It is by making observation, asking questions and having discussions. And all of those in such fun ways!

car road trip ABC Puzzle matching games

Preparing Car Road Trip Matching Puzzle Games

This printable, as the title goes – Car Road Trip; does not only consists of cars.

But to make it more fun, it includes the things that we can see while we are having road trip! Yeay.

Those curvy roads, street signs, different pointing arrows and much more – all of these are packed in this adorable pack.

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This activity is low prep that you will be thankful it don’t take much of your time.

To prepare for this activity, you would only need to :

  1. First, you need to print the free printables.
  2. Then, cut all those puzzles. Hint : I love using paper cutter to make cutting go faster and smoother.
  3. Next, you are done!

Easy prep, right?

car road trip Puzzle matching

How to Play with Car Road Trip Matching Puzzle Games

This games combine two things at least – it is a puzzle games, and it also is ABC matching games.

If your kids (or a preschooler) already know her alphabet letters, she can piece them by looking at the ABC at the top right corner.

Piece the pictures

But if your toddlers doesn’t know her letters yet, that is perfectly ok.

Just let them piece the puzzle by looking at the pictures.

And you might want to give them 5 sets of puzzles at a time, just not to overwhelm them.

Get Your Free Download

Ready to hit the road? Come and grab your free puzzle by clicking the download button below. Have fun!

Car Road Trip Matching Puzzle Games : FREE 26 Simple Puzzles 1

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