Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste

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For today’s post, I’m going to share with you one of our letter A activities.

This pack has 3 fun beginning sound activities and the best part is, it is no prep printables!

Letter A activities

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Pull out your supplies of scissors, glue and crayons; and you are ready to go!

Activity #1: Cut and Paste Letter A Activities

Have you ever heard the saying “Involve me, and I will remember.”?

When your little kids get to move around or do something actively, they will easily remember what they learn.

In this activity, your kids would need to cut, paste and color all the pictures with the beginning letter A.

Paste them onto the letter A.

Letter A Activities

By doing the cut and paste activities, your kids will eventually remember what objects relate to the letters.

In this activity, all pictures has the Beginning Sounds of Letter A.

Have your kids color them afterwards.

Activity #2: Get familiar with letter A with different faces

This letter A activities is about familiarizing your kids with different looks of letter A.

More often we meet letters in different fonts.

Sometimes in magazines and newspapers, those letters are decorated with stripes and blocks.

That’s why in this beginning sounds printable, your kids will be introduced to various faces of the letter A.

Beginning Sounds Cut and paste

They will get to know the different look of letter A; the uppercase version and the lowercase version.

Let them cut all the letter A of various fonts, and paste it onto the letter a.

Let them know that although they look a bit different; but as long as the basic form is the same, they are still the letter A.

Activity #3: Letter Hunt

The third activity in this resource is find the letter.

There is a little simple passage about apples.

Read it together with your kids. And let them find all the letter A in there.

Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste 1

I first show Maryam how to do it. I showed her uppercase letter A and lowercase letter a.

Later she did all by herself.

It is quite fun to do this Letter A Scavenger Hunt activity.

You Can Do This!

Helping little kids to read can be challenging, and honestly I used to doubt myself whether I’m fit for this job.

As times goes by, I noticed that every kids learn at their own pace, and have their own motivation.

Among other things that help me to teach my kids to read include:

  • Let them get familiar with the various look of letters via reading, playing with magnetic letters, etc
  • Don’t ever rush
  • Introduce them to letter’s sounds and make it fun

Ready for Letter A fun activities?

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Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste 2
Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste 3

Have fun!

Shop Letter A Printables Activities

Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste 4

Letter A Printables Activity Packet

Jam-packed with cut-and-paste letter worksheets activities, tracing activities, and more, your kids will have a blast learning their letter A!

Easy Letter A Activities : 3 Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste 5

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  1. Do you have this printable for all alphabets, included the find and circle all letter Aa? I looked at your tpt account but Im not sure if the packet included the find and circle all letter Aa (Apples are red. There are also green apples …….) I would like to purchase it if you have the complete package. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ignatia,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and loving our activity.I have Beginning Sounds activity packet that have various activities including; Find and circle the letters (Letter Hunt), Cut and Paste letters, Cut and Paste pictures and more. You can take a peek at the activities of one of the letter here : https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Beginning-Sounds-Letter-C-Worksheet-6197292
      I have a MEGA BUNDLE of letter activities : https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Beginning-Sounds-Worksheet-Mega-Bundle-6286303

      Please let me know if you need more assistance.

      Thank you.

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