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Car Road Trip Word Wall : FREE 12 Word Wall Cards for Preschoolers

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It’s the time of the year, when some of us are planning to do some road trip. Or frequent trip to the park or the beaches.

This time, I created Car Road Trip Word Wall.

The Curious Kids

Initially this printable is to help my kids to get to know those things that they see while we are having road trip.

They have begin to ask about the numbers on every cars, about what that numbers represent.

They also are very curious with the maps on the waze, and lots more.

I know the kids will be excited to be able to learn about the Car Road Trip Word Wall.

Hence I share this in this website because I know your family will also hugely benefit from this Word Wall.

car road trip word wall free

About Car Road Trip Word Wall

This printable features 12 words that we usually use during our road trips. These words include :

  • Car
  • License plate
  • Map
  • Road
  • Curvy road
  • Traffic light
  • Suitcase
  • Tree
  • Street sign
  • Arrow
  • Drinks, and
  • Chips

This activity is exciting because it create an interesting discussions with the kids.

car road trip word wall

How to Use The Word Wall

Okay this is the part that I am so excited about.

First, you need to print this printables. Laminate it, and put it on your wall.

Next, read those words together with your kids.

Start Discussion About Road Trip

And then, open up discussions about those words.

Kids can remember the words better when we relate the words with so many things.

For instance, for the word ‘License plate’; you can point to any random car and let your kids read the car’s license plate.

Or have them memorize your car’s license plate.

It will be so much fun!

Get Your FREE Printables

Have I told you that this printable is FREE? You can grab it by clicking the download button below.

Have fun!

Car Road Trip Word Wall : FREE 12 Word Wall Cards for Preschoolers 1

More Road Trip Car-Theme Printables

For more Road Trip-theme activities, check out our Car Road Trip resource.

This resource is a compilation of the freebies in this blog. Instead of downloading several files, you can now download all activities in just one click.

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  1. Hi, I love what I’m seeing. I wish I had the finance to print ALL that you have made available so I could share it with my preschool class. Everything is awesome and I know they would enjoy it. Keep doing what you are doing. At present I’m doing a unit on transportation. What would you recomend for an art and math?

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