Pre Writing Tracing Printables for preschool and kindergarten

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Before our little kids learn to write ABC or 123, they need a lot of practice to strengthen their hand muscle.

This includes a lot of fine motor activities such as pinching, grasping, or playing play dough.

If you are looking for an easy no-mess pre-writing printables, be sure to grab one of our exciting pre-writing tracing pages below.

Pre Writing Tracing Printables for preschool and kindergarten 1

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Simple List of Our Tracing Printables

Choose any of our pre-writing activities below that suit your theme of the day.

Season-Themed Pre-Writing

Currently we have Spring, Fall and Winter tracing printables. Check them out below!

Spring-theme Tracing Printables

Fall-theme Tracing Printables

Winter-theme Tracing Printables

Holiday-Themed Pre-Writing

Valentine-theme Pre-Writing Tracing

Easter-theme Pre-Writing Tracing

Thanksgiving-theme Pre-Writing Tracing

Christmas-theme Pre-Writing Tracing


Spring Pre-Writing Practice

Let’s have fun tracing whimsical frogs in the umbrella and bees under the raining cloud in this super cute free Spring Tracing printable activities.

spring pre writing tracing printable lines

Fall Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

Your kids are definitely going to love the adorable Fall treats in this exciting Fall Pre-Writing tracing pack!

Not only they will get to trace lines, but this there are some shape tracing too!

fun pre writing tracing worksheet printable

Apple Tracing Printables

This free tracing pack is one of this blog’s most favorite activities. Trace the lines in the apples and have your kids color them in any way they like.

pre writing tracing printables preschool

Farm Tracing Pack

Let’s have fun tracing the path of farm animals in these engaging Farm animals printables. For a twist of fun, have your kids make the sound of each farm animals while they do the tracing.

preschool pre writing tracing

Thanksgiving Tracing Activities

Trace the whimsy turkey’s path while making the turkey’s sound. There are horizontal lines tracing, vertical lines tracing where the turkeys are falling down, and more.

pre writing tracing printables for preschool

Ornaments Tracing Printables

Let’s decorate the Christmas ornaments by tracing the lines on them.

There are many fun lines that are combination of several horizontal lines, vertical lines, a few shapes and more!

Let your kids color the ornaments after they are done with the tracing or put their name on the ornaments.

pre writing tracing worksheet preschool

Gingerbread Man tracing

Your kids will definitely be having a blast at this Gingerbread Man tracing activities! While at it, enjoy hot cocoa with some gingerbread cookies.

pre writing tracing practice kindergarten preschool

Penguin Pre Writing Printables

Let’s have fun with the adorable baby penguins in this exciting Penguin tracing pack! This pre-writing activity packet also includes tracing shapes and tracing numbers.

pre writing tracing sheets preschool

Tips for Pre-Writing Tracing for a Beginner

A few tips I’m sharing here, hopefully it will be helpful for you, especially if you are a first time mom/teacher in this activity.

Kids tracing out of the line

If your kids just starting to practice tracing lines, let them trace out of the lines in their first few practices.

Little kids are still learning to control their eye-hand coordination and their pencil grips, that’s why it is very normal for them to trace out of the lines in their first few attempts

How to save your papers by reusing the tracing pages

If you wish to reuse the tracing pages without having to laminate the worksheets, or having to print fresh new tracing pages; you can use the sheet protector or dry erase pockets.

  1. Slip the printable into the sheet protector.
  2. Grab a dry erase marker and let your kids trace on the sheet protector using the markers.

After they are done with the tracing activities, you can wipe the sheet protectors and reuse the tracing pages.

This practice is also helpful when you want your little learners to repeat their tracing that needs extra practice.

I hope you love all of our pre writing tracing activities.

Have fun!

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