Polar Bear Tracing Sheet

Easy-to-Use Polar Bear Tracing Activities for Preschool

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Are you looking for quick and easy Polar Bear theme activities for your preschool/kindergarten Polar Bear Week?

This Polar Bear Tracing packet will be perfect fit for you!

Talk about big adorable bears, your little munchkin will have fun tracing…

Let me share with you about the tracing activities included in this easy-to-use packet.

Preparing Polar Bear Tracing Activities

This packet is straightforward and will save so much of your time.

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Just pull out your crayon supply and that’s it!

You don’t have to laminate anything.

Just print and you’re ready to go.

Polar Bear Preschool Tracing Activity

This activity packet include tracing activities ranging from tracing basic lines, to tracing basic shapes, to tracing numbers and words.

Perfect for your 4 years old who already can hold their crayons, or just learning how to hold them.

After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Let’s dive into the what tracing activities included in this Polar Bear Preschool Activity Pack

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Horizontal Lines

Let’s help these Polar Bears to go to their friends in horizontal lines!

For a twist of fun, have your little kids trace the lines with rainbow colors.

Polar Bear Line Tracing

There are 4 tracing lines per page.

The first line can be traced with orange crayon, the second line can be traced with green crayon and so on.

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Vertical Lines

Oh look!

The cloud is snowing and the snow is falling down the Polar Bears…

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool

Let’s trace the vertical lines.

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Castle Lines

Have fun tracing the mama Polar Bear with its cub to chase the red snowflakes in castle line, and tracing the rolling snowball that’s going to the baby Polar Bear

Polar Bear Preschool Activities

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Diagonal Lines

Weee!! Can you see the Polar Bears skating down?

Let’s trace their lines!

Polar Bear Preschool Theme

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Zigzag Lines

Practicing tracing diagonal lines above will eventually help prepare your kids to trace the more challenging zigzag lines.

Allow your preschoolers to take their time to finish with this zigzag lines.

Polar Bear Preschool

Zigzag lines can be found in letters such as the letter ‘W’ or ‘M’.

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Wave Lines

Your kids will got to trace two types of wave lines in this part.

The first one is the ‘smiling’ wave lines that we usually found in letter ‘u’

The second one is the ‘frowning’ wave lines that can be found in letter ‘n or ‘m’

Easy-to-Use Polar Bear Tracing Activities for Preschool 1

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Vertical Wave Lines

Vertical wave lines is to help prepare your little ones to familiarize with tracing the letter ‘b’, letter ‘d’, and more.

Look at the falling snowflakes, let’s trace their path!

Polar Bear Tracing Printable

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Tracing Shapes

Tracing shapes can be challenging.

But with these adorable Polar Bears, your kids will have fun practicing their tracing skills!

Among other shapes, there are tracing circles, square, triangles and more.

Polar Bear Learning Activities for Preschool

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Count & Trace the Numbers

Counting made fun with this super adorable baby Polar Bear counting mats!

Have your little preschoolers count the Polar Bears, and trace the numbers.

Polar Bear Arctic Animals Preschool

If you have extra time, you can also laminate this counting mat and have your little ones trace the numbers using erasable markers.

Polar Bear Tracing Preschool – Tracing Words

This activity is about tracing the words of Polar Bear and its body parts such ‘Paw’, ‘Snout’ and more.

Look at the arrow at the picture with ‘Paw’ words, your little munchkins will get to learn the body parts of a Polar Bear!

Polar Bear Tracing Letters

Grab Your Polar Bear Tracing Packet

Ready for Polar Bear fun week? Grab your Polar Bear Tracing Activity pack at our store.

Polar Bear Tracing Sheet

Have fun!

More Polar Bear Activities

Check out our Polar Bear post for more Polar Bear-theme activities.

Easy-to-Use Polar Bear Tracing Activities for Preschool 2

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