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Apples Pre-Writing Tracing Printables : FREE 6 Fun Tracing Apples!

Before starting to write letters and numbers, toddlers need to develop many basic skills.

Usually kids can develop the skills needed through lots of play; such as sensory play, playdough play, making crafts with their hands, and more!

Also, among other things that can help them, is doing pre-writing tracing practice.

Hence, I created this pack so that pre-writing tracing would be more fun and engaging!

Apples Tracing Printables

Apples Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

This pack includes 6 fun tracing apples.

There are basic horizontal tracing line, diagonal line, circle line, and also more challenging curve tracing lines.

Some apples also have mixture of lines so kids would fine it fun and exciting!

No Prep

This is a no prep printables, it would be time saving for you.

Just print, and you are ready to go!

How to do This Apples Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

Simply just hand your toddlers either crayons or color pencils, and start by showing them how to trace the lines.

But if your kids would like to color the apples first, let them be.

My daughter preferred to color the apples first. Only for the next copies, she did the tracing first, then start to color the apples.

Apart from using the traditional crayons and color pencils, you can always let’s your kids to try to do the tracing using other things, such as :

  • Tracing the lines using their bare fingers.
  • Hand them some q-tips and watercolor. Let them trace the lines using the q-tips.
  • Roll some playdough. Shape it to the tracing lines.
  • Laminate the printables. Then cover it with some whipping creams, and let your kids trace the lines through the whipping creams.
  • Put some glue on the line. Then paste some punch-holed red papers on the tracing lines.
  • Put dot stickers along the tracing lines.

Now, are you ready for some fun for your kids?

Grab Your Download

Snag your free Apples Pre-Writing Tracing by clicking on the download button below. Have fun!

Want More Tracing Lines?

If you love this freebie and want to purchase the entire bundle, click the picture below to go to the link in my Teacher Pay Teacher’s shop.

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