Snowman Preschool Tracing Activities for Your Snowman-theme Week

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Have you checked our adorable Snowman Tracing Preschool Activites?

I promise that your kids will love this Snowman Activity to pieces!

Let me share with you about the tracing activities inside this easy to use Snowman Preschool printable.

Getting Ready for Snowman Tracing Activities for Preschool pack

The activities in this pack is no-prep, which means you don’t have to prepare anything in advance or the night before.

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Just pull out your crayon supply and you are ready to go.

There are variety of tracing activities in this pack.

Your kids will have fun tracing various basic lines, tracing numbers and letters; all with Snowman theme.

Let’s take a peek about the tracing activities included.

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Horizontal Lines

Let’s skate with these adorable baby Snowmen in horizontal lines.

Snowman Tracing Preschool

There are 4 tracing lines per page.

For a twist of fun, have your little munchkins trace each line with different color.

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Vertical Lines

Oh look!

The baby Snowmen are skating down!

Snowman Preschool Activities

Let’s trace the lines.

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Castle Lines

Did you see the Snowman with their sunglasses below?

Let’s help them surf.

Snowman Tracing Worksheet

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Diagonal Lines

Among letters that have diagonal lines include the uppercase letter R, K, M and N.

Have your kids trace these baby Snowmen in these fun diagonal lines using different colors.

Snowman Tracing Lines

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Zigzag Lines

Tracing zigzag lines can be challenging for your little kids.

Allow them to trace halfway of the Snowmen path, or they can just trace a few sets of the zigzag lines.

Snowman Tracing Page

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Wave Lines

Look! The baby Snowmen are tracing to their gifts in wave lines!

We have to trace this!

Snowman Tracing Sheet

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Vertical Wave Lines

Wow, the snow is falling down!

Let’s trace the vertical wave lines.

Snowman Activities Preschool

From the picture above, can you see that there are 2 types of vertical wave tracing?

The vertical right wave lines are usually found in letter b and p.

The vertical left wave lines are the wave lines that’s in the letter g or q.

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Tracing Shapes

Your little munchkin will have a blast tracing these adorable and fun shapes in this pack.

Among other shapes, there are hexagon tracing lines such as below.

Snowman Preschool Worksheet

There are also tracing squares.

Snowman Preschool Theme

Other shapes include tracing circles, triangles, pentagon and more.

Snowman Preschool

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Count & Trace the Numbers

Next, we’ll be counting the Snowmen.

Let’s count the baby Snowmen and trace their numbers.

Snowman Preschool Theme Worksheet

These can also be your Snowman Counting Mat.

Just laminate them and let your little ones trace using washable crayons or put mini-erasers on the Snowmen.

Snowman Tracing Preschool – Tracing Words

Let’s have fun tracing words while learning the Snowman’s body parts.

Snowman Preschool Activity

Grab Your Snowman Tracing Packet

Be sure to grab your Snowman Tracing Activity pack at our store.

Snowman Tracing Preschool Activity

Have fun!

More Snowman Activities

For more Snowman activities, check out the following:

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