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Easter Chicks Tracing : FREE 7 Fascinating Tracing Mat

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Spring is in the air. Easter is coming soon. It’s perfect day to do Easter Chicks Tracing!

Easter Chicks Tracing features 7 tracing mats. Each mat has cute chicks waiting for your toddlers to play with them.

It also has basic tracing shapes for toddlers which includes circle shapes, zig zag lines, straight lines (in the form of tracing the road), castle tracing line and more!

Your toddlers will also have the chance to trace the sun, the clouds and the rain. Perfect for introducing spring weather!

easter chicks tracing
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Prepping Easter Chicks Tracing

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This Printable is almost no prep.

You just have to print it, and you are ready to go!

Laminate for durability

Well, unless you want to reuse the tracing mats, I suggest that you laminate it using laminating machine, after printing.

Laminating the copy helps to keep it more durable, especially to avoid toddlers from crumpling the tracing mats.

But you also need to have tracing supplies ready, such as crayon and color pencils.

easter chicks free tracing mats

Doing Activity with Easter Chicks Tracing

To do this activity, it is just simply trace the tracing mats.

Looks simple, right?

But wait until your toddler get these tracing mats in their hands. They will surely ask for more!

Tracing can be done using so many materials. Usually Miss 3 loves to trace using the classic color pencils or crayons.

But on the other hand, my 3 years old nephew is yet to be able to hold the crayons the right way.

If your toddlers are not able to hold the crayon or color pencils like my nephew, you might want to consider using these as your toddlers’ tracing materials:

Tracing using Bare Fingers

You can let them dip those cute fingers into watercolor, and trace the tracing mats using their fingers.

This messy activity works best if you have laminated the tracing mats.

Tips : For messy activity, to do easy clean-up later, usually I would put some old cloth as protection layer under the tracing mats. Or we can let the kids play in dried swimming pool.

Tracing using Dot Stickers

Let their cute little fingers work their way to peel those little dot stickers over and over again. It looks simple, but this activity helps to strengthen their fine motor skills, and eventually helps them to be able to hold color pencils or crayons the right way.

Tracing using Playdough

Take out your playdough supply and let your toddlers roll them.

Rolling the playdough, kneading them and shape them to the tracing lines helps your toddlers to develop so much skills.

Among the skills developed are including their fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

easter chicks freebie tracing mats

Easter Chicks Tracing Mat as Busy Activity for Toddlers

This printable can also be categorized as ‘Busy Activity for Toddlers’. Oh it can keep them busy for quite a time.

If you need to do some cooking, or house chore, or do the dishes without having your toddlers clinging around; this tracing mat is your best life savior!

You can print a few copies and put it in your ‘Busy Drawer.’

How to Keep the Toddlers Busy With This Tracing Mat?

If they had done doing the tracing, let them color or draw their own imagination on the chicks.

They might want to draw another chicks, or color the paper with blue, just to tell us that it is bright sunny day with the chicks.

Or draw a grass and flowers for the chicks to play around.

Once they are done with tracing and coloring or drawing, let them cut those chicks and paste on a blank paper, or in their activity book.

easter chicks tracing mat

Get Your FREE Download

This Easter Chicks Tracing is FREE for you. Grab your FREE Download by clicking the download button below.

Easter Chicks Tracing : FREE 7 Fascinating Tracing Mat 1

Have fun!

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