Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids

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Thanksgiving is well known for Turkey theme season. And also yummy delicious meals!

This year’s Thanksgiving will be absolutely different, but, hey, let’s make it fun and memorable for your little ones!

In this post, I’m going to share with you about fun Thanksgiving tracing printables that you can enjoy doing with your kids during the holiday season.

Or if you are looking for filler printable activities for your nieces and nephews to do when they are done with Thanksgiving Dinner, these will be handy too!

At least these Thanksgiving tracing printables will help them to stay off the screen for a bit off time, and who knows help your families bond even more ?

Thanksgiving Tracing Printables

Thanksgiving Tracing Printables : No Prep

But first, onto the preparation of this activity.

This is a ‘No Prep’ kind of thing.

What is ‘No Prep’?

It means that you don’t have to prepare anything to make this activity engaging.

Just click on the print button, grab some crayon, and you are so ready to go…

You don’t have to pre-cut anything, or laminate anything. Super great for last-minute activities!

One tip for you if you wish to reuse the printed activities – Sheet protector :

  1. Grab a sheet protector.
  2. Slip the activity paper into the sheet protector. There you go!
  3. Have your kids trace the Thanksgiving tracing activities using markers on the sheet protector.

Now, let me share with you the sneak peeks of this exciting Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing.

9 sets of Tracing Worksheets with Thanksgiving Themes

There is a lot of adorable and fun turkeys awaiting your little ones in this tracing packet.

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 1

See the picture above? The Turkeys are so adorable and fun, right?

Imagine your little ones tracing their walking line.

You can even add more fun by doing pretend ‘Turkey-walking’ with your kids after doing tracing!

Thanksgiving Tracing #1 : Horizontal Lines

The first Thanksgiving pre-writing worksheet is about tracing the most basic line, which is the horizontal lines.

Let’s help the Turkey walk!

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 2

Thanksgiving Tracing #2 : Vertical Lines

Then, have your little ones trace the vertical lines.

Imagine we are tracing the Turkeys falling down the line. How fun!

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 3

Thanksgiving Tracing #3 : Castle Lines

Castle lines are a combination of tracing horizontal lines and vertical lines.

It is a bit tricky but you can show your kids that you can do it by tracing the lines slowly, and do it one at a time.

In the picture below, you can see that it looks like the baby Turkeys are walking sideways in the castle line path.

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 4

Thanksgiving Tracing #4: Diagonal Lines

Diagonal lines are among the easiest lines for my kids to trace.

Many times they would draw random diagonal lines just for fun.

In this packet, we are going to trace the chicks to meet its Thanksgiving friend who is waiting on a pumpkin!

Or, you can create a story that well, that chick with just at the top is looking at its friend wondering what is the friend doing on that adorable pumpkin.

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 5

Thanksgiving Tracing #5 : Zigzag Lines

Zigzag lines are a combination of 2 diagonal lines.

They are tricky like that of castle lines, but you can show your little ones that they can start it slowly by completing one line at a time.

Can you see the pilgrim hat floating to the pilgrim Turkey in a zigzag line? So adorable and so much fun, right?

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 6

Thanksgiving Tracing #6 : Shapes Tracing

To spice up your Thanksgiving tracing activities, I’m adding shapes tracing activities as well!

My kids love this because after they trace each of the shapes, they can cut the shapes out and paste onto their scrapbook-like for keepsake.

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 7

Thanksgiving Tracing #7 : Number Tracing

Let’s be honest, tracing numbers are fun when the numbers are accompanied by adorable stuff; like these adorable Turkeys.

In this activity, your kids will be having a blast tracing the numbers while counting the Thanksgiving features!

thanksgiving pre writing worksheet

There are many things to count in this activity, such as the baby Turkeys, the Turkeys of various looking feathers, pumpkins and more!

Tips : You can also turn this tracing printable into a Thanksgiving counting mat.

The way my kids are doing it, they first trace the Thanksgiving numbers.

Then they grab their block cubes at put each one of the cubes onto the Turkeys.

I think they are playing ‘feed the Turkey with the block cubes’ ????‍♀️

This is great activity because kids are learning one-to-one correspondence while counting with it.

Thanksgiving Tracing #8 : Letters Tracing

Let’s do some letters tracing!

Trace the beginning letter, and show the picture.

thanksgiving pre writing tracing

Tips: If you have some magnetic alphabet or ABC stickers supplies, you can turn this into letter matching activities.

The way to do it is:

  1. Decide what is the letter in the dotted lines.
  2. Have your little ones find the matching magnetic alphabet letters (or the matching alphabet stickers)
  3. Put the matching alphabet letters onto the dotted letter on this printable.
thanksgiving pre writing printables

Thanksgiving Tracing #9 : Words Tracing

If your kids love to trace the words on their board book like my kids, this activity will be one of the most exciting Thanksgiving tracing activities for them.

In this activity, your little ones will enjoy tracing each letters in a word. Just trace in the letter block while associating the word with the picture.

tracing Thanksgiving activities printable worksheet

Don’t worry if your little ones don’t read just yet. This activity is about introducing little kids to the concept of word.

To let them know that a word is a string of letters that when they are put together, would form a meaning.

thanksgiving pre writing printable

Tips: You can also turn this set of activities into Thanksgiving Playdough Mat!

Pull out your playdough supply, and let’s get it rolling.

Roll the playdough to form each word after your kids are done tracing them. So much fun!

Get Your Thanksgiving Tracing Printables Pack

Ready for fun Thanksgiving tracing activity?

Head over to our Teachers Pay Teachers Store or click the button below to grab your instant download!

50+ Pages Fun Thanksgiving Tracing Printables for Your Kids 8
Thanksgiving Tracing Worksheet

Have fun!

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