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Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns

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Pattern is one of the math skills needed for kids.

For kids to be able to recognize the pattern in skip counting such as ‘2,4,6 etc’ or the ’10, 20, 30,..’ in order for them to be able to count to 100; mastering pattern is one of the must.

Little kids already play patterns in their daily life by arranging toys, blocks and more.

If you are looking for pattern worksheets for your preschool or kindergarten kids, you don’t want to miss our Apple pattern activities.

P.s: I also have Fall Leaves pattern activity here and Pumpkins pattern printable (these link opens in new tab for you)

Apple Pattern Worksheets

Apple Patterns Printable

This apple pattern printable one of our no-prep preschool printable.

You would just need to print them, and there you go!

How To Do This Printables

First, have your kids need to cut all the apples, apple trees, apple baskets and empty baskets.

Then, paste them into the pattern boxes accordingly.

Apple Patterns Printables
Cut these or you can cut it along while doing the pattern activity.

Let’s look at the Apple pattern activities included in this pack.

Apple Pattern Activity #1: Copy the AB Pattern

In this patterns worksheets printable, we are going to focus on the most basic pattern which is the AB pattern.

There are 4 patterns that are to be copied.

The first and second pattern is about apples.

Below is the example of our first pattern which is red apple, green apple, red apple, and green apple.

Kids are to copy the AB apple pattern.

Apple pattern

The third apple pattern includes apple trees and apple baskets.

Apple Pattern Activity #2: Complete the AB Pattern

The next set of activity is ‘Complete the pattern’

Have your kids make a guess what will be the next pattern.

Paste the pictures correspondingly.

Apple worksheets

Fine Motor Skills Involved

This apple pattern printable is also great for kids to discover and explore patternv& for developing fine motor skills.

Activities that involves cutting and pasting helped them a lot to develop :

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Enhance hands strength for pre-writing
  • Visual discrimination, and more!

It’s time for fun pattern activities!

Be sure to download your FREE Apple pattern printables here.

Have fun!

More Apple Pattern Activities

Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns 1

Apple Pattern Packet

Need easy AB patterns worksheets for your toddler & preschool? This Apple Pattern packet is perfect for you.

Adorable apples in this pack are perfect for keeping your kids engaged & excited.

Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns 2

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