Bugs in a Jar Ten Frame Cards Printables : FREE 10 Low Prep Task Cards

It’s bugs time of the year, and it is fun to play around with some bugs!

Tell me, have you ever catch bugs in a jar?

At my place, there are some kind of bugs that lit at night.

It is absolutely fun to catch them and putting them in a jar, and making them some sort of flashlight at night.

It always fascinate me how such animals can glow in the dark. Amazing!

Today I would love to share our lovely printables – Bugs in a Jar Ten Frames Cards.

The bugs are so adorable, your kids will love them!

bugs in a jar 10 frames printables

Prepping Bugs in a Jar Ten Frames Cards

This is one of those easy prep activity, you will love them instantly!
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To prepare, you will need these materials :

First, print the free printables. You can get the download link at the bottom of this post.

Then, cut out all the bugs in the ‘Cut page’. I prefer to use paper cutter to do the cutting. It saves more time gliding the paper to be cut.

bugs in a jar 10 frames cards

How to Play with Bugs in a Jar Ten Frames Cards

There are two ways you can play with this printables, it is either low prep way, or no prep way.

How convenience, right?

Low Prep Way

Using all the bugs that you have cut previously, paste those onto the dots on the ten frame cards.

No Prep Way

Using little bugs toy figure, put them onto the dots on ten frame cards.

Get the FREE Download

Ready to play with some bugs in a jar? Grab your freebies by clicking the download button below! Have fun!

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