Penguin math activities for preschoolers
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Penguin Math Activities for Preschoolers : Exciting 10 Activities

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It’s all about the penguins!

Winter is the best time to do penguin themed activities, and today I’m excited to share our latest printable, the Penguin Math Activities for Preschool pack.

Penguin Math Preschool Printables

I created this pack with 4+ years old in mind, which means the packet is full of colors and definitely engaging!

Getting Ready for Penguin Math Activities for Preschool pack

First, let us talk about getting ready with this pack.

I would say that you don’t need to do any preparation for this activity.

Just print the pack and you are so ready to go!

14 Exciting Colorful Activities in Penguin Math Activities for Preschool

Currently there are 14 exciting Penguin themed preschool math activities in this packet.

These activities are meant to introduce number sense from number 1 to number 10 as well as introducing little ones to the concept of math itself.

Penguin Math Activity #1: Odd Ones

Find the different penguins and circle it.

penguin math worksheet

Penguin Math Activity #2: Same Ones

Find the Penguin that is the same with the one the colored box, and circle it.

penguin preschool activities

Both Odd Ones and Same Ones activity is great to help preschoolers learn categorization, which belongs and which does not belongs.

Penguin Math Activity #3: Pattern ABAB

Kids are going to complete the Penguins’ pattern in this activity.

They will cut the Penguins, and paste them correspondingly.

preschool penguin activities

Penguin Math Activity #4: Shape Matching

This is a simple straight forward activity, but it also need kids to pay attention to details.

math preschool penguin theme

Study what shapes does each penguins sit in.

Match them to the matching shapes.

Penguin Math Activity #5: Number Recognition

Oh wow the Penguin’s belly has a number on it. Can you see the number?

penguin math kindergarten worksheet

Have your kids find the snowballs that have the matching numbers and color them.

Penguin Math Activity #6: Number Maze

This is one of number recognition activities that your kids would love!

We are going to help the penguin to find its friend.

penguin counting printable

First, read the number that’s covered with icy snow.

Then, color the snowballs that have the number.

Penguin Math Activity #7: Number Tracing

This is perfect for preschoolers to practice writing the numbers.

penguin counting printable preschool

First, they have to count the penguins in the 10-frames, then trace the corresponding numbers.

And later copy that numbers.

Penguin Math Activity #8: Snowflakes 10-Frames

Count the Snowflakes in the 10-frames.

Then cut and paste the corresponding numbers into the given boxes.

penguin math activities preschool

While practicing counting, kids also got the chance to practice their fine motor skills which is cutting and pasting.

Penguin Math Activity #9: Fish 10-Frames

10-Frames is one of the tool to help little kids to clearly visualize their counting.

For my kids, 10-Frames help them to not miscounting things. If your little munchkin is just beginning to learn their number, you can try with counting 1-3 first.

To do this activity, first have your little learners cut the fish by themselves (using safe kids scissors)

penguin counting preschool

Then let them read the number on the Snowball.

Next, have your kids paste the corresponding quantity of fish in the Penguin 10-frames.

penguin math counting mat preschool

If your kids are like my kids who paste things started from the bottom rows, just let them be.

At least they know how many fish is related to the number in the snowball.

Penguin Math Activity #10: Count and Color

Oooh the Penguin is fishing!

Let’s count how many fish that the Penguin has caught.

Penguin math worksheet preschool

Have your little munchkin count all the fish on the fishing rod as well as the ones in the bucket.

Then color the corresponding iceberg that has the corresponding numbers

Penguin Math Activity #11: Count and Circle

Let’s have fun counting the penguins and circle the corresponding numbers.

Penguin number activity preschool

Penguin Math Activity #12: Number Matching

Count the penguins in the snow, and match them to the corresponding numbers.

penguin counting worksheet

Penguin Math Activity #13: I Spy

Perfect for kids’ visual discrimination skills and problem solving skills.

penguin math preschool counting printable

Kids need to count the penguins and write its quantity in each of the penguin’s boxes.

Penguin Math Activity #14: Count & Graph

Have your little munchkin find the baby Penguins.

penguin math centers

For each baby Penguin they find, cross that baby Penguin (my kids cross the found Penguin to avoid miscounting them) and color 1 box for 1 Penguin

2 Added Features For Your Convenience

For your convenience, I have added a couple of things.

Added Features #1 : Table of Content

I’ve added table of content to this pack so you can easily navigate it.

Or if you wish to print just certain topic, you can just go to the preferred pages.

penguin math lesson plan preschool

Added Features #2 : Answer Key

And I’ve also added the Answer Keys for each of the activity so that you can refer to it after your kids completed them.

I know many times we don’t want to think much, but we just want to have an easy Answer Key to help us go through with it.

penguin winter math preschool

The Answer Key is also perfect is you have other teacher that’s going to take over your class for a while.

I really hope your kids and you would love this Penguin Preschool Activity Book as much as we do.

Get Your Copy

Grab your instant download at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Penguin math preschool

Have fun!

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