CVC Segment and Blend

CVC Segment and Blend Activity : Easy 39 CVC Short-a Words

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Now my kids know their letters’ sounds. What’s next step?

It would be learning to read simple words, beginning with the 3-letters CVC Words.

I would give an example of this activity using our latest printable pack, the CVC Segment and Blend pack.

CVC Segment and Blend

P.s : What is CVC you might ask. Keep on reading.

What is CVC?

CVC words stands for consonant letter-vowel letter-consonant letter words.

Examples of CVC words are ‘cat’, ‘hat’ and ‘map’.

CVC Segment & Blend

In those 3 words, the vowel letters are the letter ‘a’.

This is the most easiest type of words for young learners to start with.

CVC Segment and Blend Activity : Journey to Start Reading

So how do we start this CVC words learning?

Let me share an example from my CVC Segment and Blend pack.

We are going to read the word ‘cat’.

First Step : Segmenting

In this CVC Words Mat, first we are going to do segmenting.

Segmenting is a fancy term of we make the sounds of each letters in orders.

CVC Segment & Blend Activity

I featured hopping penguin that hop from one letter to the next so that your young reader would find it engaging.

I’ve also numbered each letters so that little readers would learn that those letters are meant to be it that sequence.

CVC Segmenting and Blending

This numbering is also to avoid kids to jumble up the letters.

P.s : Well, my girls tend to jumble up letters while doing ‘Write the Room’ activity.

For them, as long as all the words are there, those group of letters would make up the words.

Second Step : Blending

The next step is to blend all the letters together.

To do this, you need to practice.

Using our CVC Words Mat, point to the bottom penguin, and swipe it across the arrow.

CVC Segment and Blend

While swiping, try to blend the letters.

For the word ‘cat’, I would blend ‘keh’ ‘ae’ ‘tt’ (something like that)

So it would make the word ‘cat’.

CVC Segment and Blend Activity : Practice Makes Perfect

Try to practice with other CVC words so that your little ones would get the concept.

There are 39 CVC Words Mat in our CVC Short-a Segment and Blend pack.

They are part of the Short-a Families.

CVC Segment and Blend

All of these words are focusing on the words with middle letter ‘a’

For my kids, it’s easier for them to focus on blending one type of vowel letter before moving on to the other vowel letters such as the letter ‘e’ or ‘o’.

Let’s start the fun reading journey!

Grab Your CVC Segment and Blend Activity Pack

Snag your CVC Short-a Segment and Blend Activity Pack at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

CVC Words Segmenting and Blending Short a

Have fun!

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