Penguin Theme Preschool Activities & Books

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My kids used to obsessed with Happy Feet 1 and Happy Feet 2 that our heads are singing the song in our sleep!

But really, Happy Feet also shares many things about penguins that made me Google about types of penguins and how penguin lay their eggs.

They are kind of different from typical animals because the father is the one protecting their egg, while the mom with its friends are going out for food.

Penguin Theme Preschool Printables

If your kids love Penguins and Happy Feet the movie, check out our Penguin-theme activities below.

  • Penguin Tracing Packet – Adorable baby penguins dancing their way on the ice; let your kids have fun practicing their tracing skills.
Penguin Theme Preschool Activities & Books 1

The tracing activities in this pack ranging from tracing lines, tracing shapes, tracing numbers, and tracing letters.

  • Penguin Math Activity Packet – Math made fun with these cute baby Penguins.

    Your kids will have fun with number recognition activities, number mazes, I Spy Penguins, and more.
Penguin Theme Preschool Activities & Books 2
  • Penguin Letter Tracing – My kids aren’t so much into tracing letters with drilling style.

    So I thought why don’t we do letter tracing, but with a variety of activities.
Penguin Theme Preschool Activities & Books 3

Check out our Penguin Letter Tracing; your kids will enjoy tracing with the guided arrow, tracing in the letterbox, and copying the letters.

The trick is, invite them to trace with the adorable baby Penguins.

Many times little kids can get motivated just because their favorite animals accompany them.

Penguin Theme Books for Preschool

My kids, regardless of age; they love to hear us read to them.

Especially when we use funny voices, that impressed them even more.

To think of it, it might be similar to how I prefer to listen to audiobook rather than reading the physical book itself, because we got to hear the emotions of the author and felt the book turns alive…

Anyway, here is our read with related to Penguin-theme (this post contains affiliate link at no cost to you):

I hope these resources are helpful for your Penguin Week lesson plan.

Let me know if you have grabbed and tried any of those!

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