Easter Jellybean Count and Clip Cards : FREE 12 Colorful Clip Cards

Colorful jellybeans always make Easter much more alive. 

While enjoying the sweets, it would be a good idea if we make simple counting activities with those jellybeans.

Thus, I create this Easter Jellybean Count and Clip Cards. 

Easter Jellybeans count and clip cards

Playing while enjoying their sweets is a perfect way to get the kids to learn counting without them realizing it.

Well, kids learn best through play, right?

Easter Jellybean Count and Clip Cards 

This Count and Clip Cards feature few colorful floating jellybeans in a jar.

To do this activity, your kids would count the all the colorful jellybeans in the jar, and clip the right amount using clothespin.

If counting is new for them, or if they are not used to counting activities; you can begin by counting together with your kids.

Easter Jellybeans count and clip cards freebie

For this freebies, there are 12 Clip Cards and it only features counting from number 1 to number 5.

Counting number from 1 to 5 is important for toddlers and preschoolers as we do not want to overwhelm them with so much numbers.

It also helps to build their motivation.

Once they have master the number 1 to 5, it is easier for them to get the number 1 to 10 concept.

Color the Easter Jellybean Count and Clip Cards 

Besides from clipping the cards, you can also just print the printables and let your kids circle the right amount.

My girls love to color. 

Hence, for this Easter Jellybean Count and Clip Cards, after they circle the right amount of jellybean, they start to color the jars.

Well, just Print the printables and Play with it, makes this activities no prep at all!

Easter Jellybeans count and clip cards free

Grab the FREE Download 

This Printables are free. You can download it by clicking on the Download Button below.

Have fun!

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