FREE 18 Puzzle with Easter Egg Printable 1

FREE 18 Puzzle with Easter Egg Printable

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Easter would not be complete without colorful Easter eggs.

If you’re looking for a fun Easter egg printable, this Easter egg puzzle is a must-have for your toddlers.

This activity helps toddlers to sort colors and different patterns, which is one of the skills needed for complex math operation later.

About this Easter Egg Printable

Easter Egg Puzzle printable includes 6 sets of eggs; each set has 3 different patterns. There are 18 eggs in this puzzle.

It is recommended to start the puzzle with a plain pattern, followed by polka dot pattern eggs and zigzag pattern eggs. 

Easter egg printable toddler activities
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How to Use

First, about the preparation:

  1. Print the FREE Easter Egg Puzzle Games (get it from the Download Button at the bottom of this post)
  2. Cut out the eggs. Or you can ask your toddlers to help you cut the eggs. Miss 3 loves cutting things.
  3. Cut out the line between the eggs to make it looks like puzzle.

Then, you are ready to go!

easter egg printable activities for toddler and preschoolers
Miss 3 asked to cut the eggs by herself

Next, solve the Easter eggs in 3 levels

I recommend that you differentiate this activity into 3 levels.

This is to boost your toddler’s self-confidence and motivation; as well as to help them see how to do this fun activity.

Level 1 : Make it easy

You might want to arrange the eggs close to each other’s pattern.

The purple zigzag egg sit next to each other. Or the green polka dot egg sit on top of each other.

easter egg printable activities for fine motor skills

This would help your toddler to navigate easily and match the egg puzzle easily.

Level 2 : Mix the colors

Once your toddler has master with the easy puzzles, try to scramble the Easter egg puzzle.

But first, scramble among the different colors.

Let them differentiate between colors.

Level 3 : Level up the challenge

Once your toddler has master the level 2 of the game, you can level up the activity by scrambling all eggs together.

Let them differentiate the difference between colors and patterns – carefully examining the plain pattern, polka dots egg and zig zag eggs.

easter egg puzzle games for toddlers
Scrambling 2 colors together.

For us adult, differentiating patterns might look easy. 

But for toddlers, they would need some time to analyze the sameness between things and to identify which belongs to which.

Let them take their time before you offer any help. Toddlers usually love to solve everything by themselves.

Observe your kids

Be sure to observe your toddler’s signs as we don’t want them to feel unmotivated. 

We want them to feel that they are great and they can solve whatever thrown in their hands.

Let your toddler work their own, unless they ask for help, then start by helping just a little bit.

easter egg printable activities cut and paste

What other things your toddlers would learn

Easter Eggs are perfect for toddlers to learn about colors and color sorting. These skills are essential for them to learn mathematics later.

But what else did they learn from this challenging and fun games?

#1: Eye hand Coordination

They also are enhancing their eye hand coordination ability while doing puzzles.

Their brain will tell them which piece to pick, and their hands will try to follow.

#2: Problem Solving Skills

Puzzles also helps toddlers to learn about problem solving skills.

They would learn that a big huge problem can be solved if we first analyze it, then solve it one thing at a time.

#3: Build Self Confidence

Once they are able to solve the puzzles, they will build self confidence and self motivation. This is essential to raise a positive and resilient  kids.

Easter egg printable puzzle fine motor activities
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Download your free Easter Egg Printable

Don’t forget to Grab your FREE Download of Easter Egg Puzzle Games by clicking the Download Button below.

Have fun!

FREE 18 Puzzle with Easter Egg Printable 2

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