Easter Egg Printable Match the Pattern 1

Easter Egg Printable Match the Pattern

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Easter is the perfect time to learn with colorful eggs. If you are looking for toddlers’ Easter egg printable activity, this Easter Match the Egg Pattern is your must-have.

This activity helps toddlers have fun while practicing the skill to sort colors and patterns, both skills at one time.

The matching activity also helps kids to improve concentration, train their visual memory and increase their short-term memory.

Easter Match The Egg and Clip Card activity features 8 colorful Easter eggs. All those eggs come in different patterns.

Easter Egg printable pattern activities for toddlers

How to Prepare

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To prepare for this simple activity, it’s best to laminate each card for durability.

  1. Print this FREE Easter Match The Egg and Clip Card
  2. Laminate the copy
  3. Cut each card
  4. Prepare clothespin to clip the card

Now you are ready to go!

How to Use Easter Egg Printable : Match the Pattern

For your toddlers to play with this activity, first, you need to show them the egg that is to be matched. 

You can say, “Let’s find its look-alike friend. Which one do you think is it?”

Then let your kids clip the matching eggs.

While at this, you can explain the colors and pattern of the Easter Eggs, such as purple and yellow. Or the pattern such as bubble, checkered or vertical lines.

Other ways to enjoy 

If you don’t have any clothespin supply, don’t worry.

  • We can use crayons or color pencils to circle the matching eggs.
  • Or playdough to cover the matching eggs.
  • Or cheerio to cover the matching eggs.
  • Or an Easter eraser to cover the matching eggs.

Anything available in your house can be used, as long as your toddlers having fun!

Download the Easter Egg Printable Freebie

Grab your free download of this printable by clicking the download button below. Have fun!

Easter Egg Printable Match the Pattern 2

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