Fun Easter Egg Printable AB Pattern Worksheets 1

Fun Easter Egg Printable AB Pattern Worksheets

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Are you looking for Easter Egg printable activities?

This Easter Eggs Pattern is perfect for your preschool and kindergarten kids, especially those who are just beginning to learn about patterns.

This resource has 6 strips of AB pattern activity.

Little kids usually take a bit more time to learn and grab about the new concept before they can master it, hence the repetition of the ABAB pattern in this activity.

How to Use the Easter Egg Patterns Printable 

First, cut all the eggs.

easter egg pattern printable

Next, line up the possible eggs for the pattern strips that your kids will work on.

Easter egg AB pattern printable

Then, demonstrate to your kids about what is pattern and how to solve them.

easter egg printable cut and paste pattern worksheets
Demonstrate to show how pattern works

How I Introduce Patterns to My Preschoolers

The way I did it, I’d point out the egg pattern – for example, we start with this colorful egg, then the yellow egg comes. So next would be the colorful egg again.

Then brainstorm together what the following eggs would possibly be. Do their first pattern activity together.

easter egg cut-and-paste pattern printables
Ask your kids, “What do you think comes next?” But accept it if they still don’t have a clue.

Allow your little kids to take their own time to learn this new concept.

If they are not ready or don’t have a clue about what comes next to the pattern, invite them to help you paste the eggs into the corresponding pattern strips.

Eventually, they will get to understand how the pattern works.


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    Fun Easter Egg Printable AB Pattern Worksheets 2

    Easter AB Pattern

    Grab your scissors and glue, it’s time to have fun AB pattern with all Easter things!

    Perfect for patterning skills for your toddler and preschool kids.

    Fun Easter Egg Printable AB Pattern Worksheets 3

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