Fun Christmas Kids Activities Puzzle Printables

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My 3-years old loves puzzles activities. And he also loves cutting and pasting things.

One of his favorite kind of printables is the puzzle printables.

I created our puzzle to be already scrambled or mixed up.

This way, all I need to do is to print and hand him the puzzles.

For example, for the Christmas theme, I’ve got you Christmas puzzle printables like the one below.

Christmas kids activities fine motor

First, print the activity pages and hand them to your little ones.

Next, let them cut the scrambled images.

Later, let them solve the puzzles.

Observe the excitement on their faces as they solve the puzzles.

Be sure to download your Christmas puzzle printables here.

Shop More Christmas Puzzle Printables

Fun Christmas Kids Activities Puzzle Printables 1

Christmas Puzzle Printables

Have fun practicing cutting, pasting, and solving skills with this adorable puzzle printable packet.

30 puzzles available in mixed-up and not-mixed-up.

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