Polar Bear Theme Preschool Activities & Books

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Winter discussion with my kids will not complete if we don’t chat about Polar Bears.

Polar Bears look cute and adorable.

But when you see the real Polar Bears with your own eyes at the animal sanctuary, what a huge giant bear it is!

My kids love Polar Bears.

They love to watch the giant fluffy white bears swimming deep as if they were dancing in the water.

Talk about sneaking fun into learning, that’s what I’m doing next.

Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activity

Because my kids love Polar Bears, I created Polar Bear-theme resources for them (oh it is a huge hit in this home!)

I hope your kids love these as much as we do…

  • Polar Bear Preschool Tracing Packet In this adorable pack, your kids will enjoy tracing the Polar Bears walk, snow falling onto the Polar Bears, and more. Your little munchkin will have irresistibly cute Polar Bears with them while they practice their tracing skills; tracing lines, tracing shapes, tracing numbers, and tracing letters.
Polar Bear Theme Preschool Activities & Books 1
Polar Bear Theme Preschool Activities & Books 2
  • Polar Bear Preschool Letter Tracing I used this activity to get my kids to practice letter tracing, along with reviewing the letter sounds. After all, there are adorable baby Polar Bears keeping them company while doing these activities.
Polar Bear Theme Preschool Activities & Books 3

Polar Bear Books for Preschool

Little kids love read aloud session, especially when we do funny gestures and voices.

If the book become their favorite, don’t be surprised by your little munchkin’s request to repeat the same book over and over again.

Somehow, reading together bonds us.

For Polar Bear theme Activity, check out this book:
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  • Polar Bear : National Geographic Kids Reader – It may look serious, but kids love real photo & real story of Polar Bears. This reader shares with us about facts of Polar Bears and the reality they are currently facing.

I hope these resources are helpful for your Polar Bear Week lesson plan.

Have fun!

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