6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books 1

6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books

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Winter discussions with my kids won’t be complete if we don’t chat about Polar Bears.

Polar Bears look cute and adorable.

But when you see the real Polar Bears for yourself at the animal sanctuary, you realize what a huge, giant bear it is!

My kids love Polar Bears.

They love to watch the giant fluffy white bears swimming deep as if they were dancing in the water.

Talk about sneaking fun into learning; that’s what I’m doing next.

Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activity

Because my kids love Polar Bears, I created Polar Bear-theme resources for them (oh, it is a huge hit in this home!)

I hope your kids love these as much as we do…

Polar Bear Tracing Path

I created this for my toddler, who’s yet to master the skill of tracing on the dotted lines.

Tracing a path is easier because little kids can see clearly where their hands should go, and it’s easier for little ones to control their eye-hand coordination while tracing.

Polar bear preschool tracing worksheets make pre-writing practice more fun and exciting
Your little ones would have so much fun tracing the path

This Polar Bear Tracing Path packet has over 30 different paths that are so exciting.

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Polar Bear Tracing Maze

Tracing maze looks fun.

But did you know that by practicing tracing in the maze, you’re helping your kids with writing letters in the future?

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The trick is to get them to trace in the maze without touching the maze’s wall. Your little learners have to learn to be patient to control their pencil grip and eye-hand coordination.

Tracing maze is helpful for kids to be able to adjust the space between letters that they will write in the next couple of years.

This polar bear preschool tracing maze make pre-writing practice more fun and exciting
Start with level 1 and slowly progress to level 2, 3 until level 7

There are seven different levels of mazes in this packet, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

Your kids will be having fun tracing the maze looking for the right path to reach the end.

Polar Bear Tracing Lines and Shapes

Let’s have fun tracing all the lines and shapes with polar bears.

6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books 2
Let’s have fun tracing the snow that are falling on the adorable polar bears

Your kids will have fun practicing tracing the horizontal and vertical lines and more; all of these with cute polar bears and some winter stuff.

This Polar Bear tracing packet also include tracing shapes activities; tracing the circles, triangles, squares and more.

Polar Bear Tracing Letters

This packet is for your kids who find it daunting to trace on black and white tracing pages. We all know little kids love colorful activities.

So this Polar Bear Tracing Letters packet is created to have a polar bear to accompany your kids while they’re tracing the letters, and there is also some fun beginning sounds and pictures related to the letters.

6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books 3
Tracing letters will be more fun with polar bears skating on the ice

Your little ones would also get to trace all uppercase letters, lowercase letters and the pair of uppercase and lowercase letters.

PS: I recommend that you start with tracing uppercase letters as they are easier with straight horizontal and vertical lines.

Polar Bear Preschool Math Counting to 10

There are 10+ easy math activities in this Polar Bear Counting to 10 packet, which makes this resource perfect for your math winter activities, or to warm up your kids after a long holiday break.

6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books 4
Lots of counting activities with polar bears make math more fun

There are math skills activities such as shape matching, find the odd ones and AB pattern cut and paste.

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For your kids who are just beginning to learn to count, there are 10-frames cut and paste activities that will help them with the counting concept.

There are also fun counting to 10 activities that includes number recognition activities, number maze, count and color and, count and graph,

Polar Bear Number Puzzles

Teaching number orders will be fun and exciting with this Polar Bear number puzzles.

How would number puzzles help?

When your little ones are given scrambled puzzles, they’ll instantly be excited to solve it.

While they might not solve the puzzle according to the number sequence, but they will try to piece them to make the pictures that make sense.

6 Adorable Polar Bear Preschool Printable Activities & Books 5
This self-correcting activity is perfect for independent use

While they’re working with 40 puzzles in this packet, eventually, your little ones will see the numbers in order, and somehow these number sequences will be etched into their subconscious mind.

And this is when your little learners will suddenly know the number sequence by heart.

It takes time. But it’s so worth it.

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Preparation Tips

To cut short your time when preparing this activity, be sure to use the paper cutter to cut these number puzzles.

There you have it, six fun Polar Bear theme preschool activities to keep your kids busy and engaged for the week.

Bonus : Polar Bear Theme Books for Preschool

Oh, and here are a few more polar bear-themed book recommendations for you.

Little kids love read-aloud sessions, especially when we do funny gestures and voices.

If the book becomes their favorite, don’t be surprised by your little munchkin’s request to repeat the same book over and over again.

Somehow, reading together bonds us.

For Polar Bear theme Activity, check out these books:
This post contains affiliate link at no cost to you.

I hope these resources are helpful for your Polar Bear Week lesson plan.

Have fun!

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