40+ Pages Fun Ice Cream-Theme Glue Practice Worksheet for Preschool

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Previously, I shared about our fun Back-to-School-themed glue practice worksheet I created for my toddler.

For today, we’ll be doing exciting glue activities with ice cream.

Filled with colorful ice cream in many flavors, your toddlers and preschoolers will love every bit of it.

Just a dot, not a lot Glue Practice Worksheet

Let me share the activity with you.

How to use the glue practice worksheet

In this printable, there are many black dots.

Let your little ones squirt the glue only on those black dots. The dots are so small that they’d only squirt a little.

Just a dot, not a lot

To add fun, I’ve also prepared some things to be pasted on the dots.

For example, your kids will get to cut the cherries and paste them on the dots on the yummy ice cream.

Glue Activities for Toddler
Glue Practice Worksheet
Black and white pages are also included for this activity.

More fun things to paste

For the example below, you will get to cut and paste the bananas and whipping cream on the dots that rain down the ice cream.

Glue Practice Worksheet Preschool Toddler

Oh, the one below is about pasting the chocolate chips on the dots of the ice cream.

Glue Practice Worksheet for preschool and toddler activities

Practicing glue squeezing will be so much fun and exciting with this glue practice worksheet packet.

Shop Ice Cream-Theme Glue Practice Worksheet Packet

Glue Practice Worksheet

Just a Dot, Not a Lot

Let’s have fun practicing squeezing that cute little glue bottle.

40+ pages of ice cream glue practice worksheet awaiting your little ones.

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