4 Exciting Lemonade Preschool Activities for Summer

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Do you need help with getting your lemonade preschool activities planned?

We’ve got a few lemonade theme activities, perfect for your little kids in summer.

#1: Lemonade Dot Printables

Have fun dot the green and black & white lemonades in this Lemonade Dot Freebie.

Lemonade Preschool Printable Activities for Summer
Dot with dot markers or bingo dauber. Or use the dot sticker, or simply color in the dots.

#2: Lemonade Tracing Path

Adorable lemons are waiting for your kids to trace their tracing lines, so grab your tracing pages here.

lemonade preschool printable activities
Have fun tracing the thick lines using highlighter, crayons, or simply trace using your fingers,

#3: 10-Frames

Need to review counting 10-frames skills?

Make it fun with the lemonade 10-frames cards.

LEMONADE preschool activities

For each jug of lemonade, your kids will get to cut the ice cubes and paste in the ice tray.

#4: Count and Clip Cards

Have fun reviewing counting to 10 with this lemonade count and clip cards.

LEMONADE preschool activities

Next up, we’ll be doing cactus-themed activities.

Stay tuned.

Have a great summer 🍉

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Summer preschool printables activities

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