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Bugs Number Puzzle : FREE 7 Exciting Puzzles!

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Math and counting should be fun and exciting. Because kids learn best while they are having fun, right?

But how do we make learning math to be fun?

One of the way for sure, is to turn those learning into games! 

Everyone love games. Games spells fun!

Hence today I would love to share one of our well-loved games; which is Bugs Number Puzzles Games.


What is this game?

How do we play it?

Keep on reading.

Bugs Number Puzzle Printables 

This pack includes 7 exciting puzzle games for your kids.

The puzzles features bugs images, and beneath those images are number sequence from number 1 to number 10.

Plus all the bugs are smiling and are making sure that your kids’ playing mood will kick in instantly!

So how do we play with it?

First, let me share with you about preparing this exciting game.

Prepping Bugs Number Puzzle Games 

First, you would need to print the free printables. You can download it from the download button at the bottom of this post.

Then, cut them according to the numbers. Cut only on the vertical line.

Next, scatter the puzzle pieces.

Now, you are ready to go!

A tips to make prepping easier 

I know cutting work do takes a bit of time. 

But I found that cutting using paper cutter helps a lot. 

Just put the paper on the cutter and glide those blades.

And voila, it saves so much time and energy!


How to Play with Bugs Number Puzzle?

So now we are looking at the scrambled puzzle pieces.

It’s time to ask the kids to put those pieces together!

Here comes the tricks for them. They have to find the number in sequence so that their puzzles will make sense.

Or if your kids haven’t mastered their number yet, just let them piece together the pieces that makes sense.

When it’s done, voila! They can already read the right number sequence.

See, it’s exciting and educating! You get both at the same time.

Yeay to fun learning!

Ready to play?

Wait no more! Grab your Free download by clicking the download button below. 

Have fun!

Bugs Number Puzzle : FREE 7 Exciting Puzzles! 1

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Bugs Number Puzzle : FREE 7 Exciting Puzzles! 2

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