Just a Dot, Not a Lot Fun. Glue Practice Worksheets

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My toddler loves to do cut-and-paste activities. However, when he squeezes the glue, he’d squeeze as hard as he can.

I thought this was the time to teach him that just a dab would do.

The best way is to make him practice it using our “Just a Dot, Not a Lot” printable packet. (also perfect for Back to School activity)

Just  a dot, not a lot printable worksheets for glue practice

How to use “just a dot, not a lot”

In this printable, there are many black dots.

Let your little ones squirt the glue only on those black dots. The dots are so small that they’d only squirt a little.

To add fun, I’ve also prepared some things to be pasted on the dots.

For example, your kids will get to paste raindrops on the dots for the school bus and umbrella.

Glue practice with just a dot, not a lot printable

For the glue below, you got to paste the splashes of glue. And the bookworm can get the stack of books.

Glue practice worksheet with just a dot, not a lot printable

Practicing glue squeezing will be so much fun and exciting with this Glue Practice packet.

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glue practice with just a dot, not a lot

Just a Dot, Not a Lot

Let’s have fun practicing squeezing that cute little glue bottle.

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