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FREE Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers

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I wasn’t really sure how to tackle Maryam on reading. I tried phonic with her, tried introducing rhyming; but she doesn’t look interested.

I am in no way pushing this thing, not until she is ready.

Until I introduced her to Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers, I was amazed she can complete all the uppercase and lowercase versions!

She even asked for more!

Yeay for fun and engaging printables!

Basically, how does this activity works?

Watermelon ABC Matching Printables

About Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers

This is a super simple and super low prep activity. Oh you definitely would love it!

To use this activity, your kids would need to match the same letters.

Oh let me share about the prep work first so that it will be easier to talk about how to play with this.

Prepping the Activity

Simple and easy peasy you would get it done, I would say in 5 minutes top!

Yes, that kind of low prep.

Pull out your Dot Stickers

But first, make sure you have dot stickers.

Any plain dot stickers would do. Any color.

But make sure the dot stickers are plain without any emoji or any scribble on them. Because we would write some letters on it.

Ok to prep this, you would need to :

  1. First, print the free printables. The download link is available at the bottom of this post.
  2. Then, grab a plain dot sticker, and start writing the letter A-Z on the dot stickers. Write both uppercase and lowercase letters.

That’s all!

Yep, I told you it was a super low prep activity, right?

Yeay for low prep games!

Let’s go to how to use with this printables.

Watermelon ABC Matching

How to Use Watermelon Letter Recognition

You can use these printable pages in 2 ways.

Activity #1: Match uppercase letters to uppercase letters

If your kids are just beginning to recognize letters, let them match according to the uppercase and lowercase letters.

For instance, let them match the uppercase letter A on your dot sticker, to the uppercase letter A on the Watermelon.

Peel that dot sticker with the letter A and put it on the watermelon’s circle that have letter A.

Repeat this until she completed all letter A to Z.

Maryam love to do this while singing on her own.

Then do the same with lowercase letters.

Activity #2: Match uppercase letters to the lowercase letters or vice versa

You can also set the game to be matching uppercase letters to its lowercase letters.

For example, match the letter ‘A’ on dot stickers, to the letter ‘a’ on the watermelon.

Ready for fun letter activities?

Click the blue button below to download your freebie.

FREE Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers 1

Have fun!

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FREE Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers 2

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FREE Watermelon Letter Recognition with Dot Stickers 3

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