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Easter Egg Tracing Pages

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Tracing is one of the best activities to build strong fine motor skills. Hence for this coming Easter, let’s trace and have fun with Easter Egg Tracing Activity.

This is a simple no prep activity for your toddler.

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You will find it a breeze to prepare because all you need to do is print this FREE Printable, and lay out some tracing tools for your toddlers.

That’s all, I promise.

No need to cut anything or paste anything.

Yeay for super easy and fun activity! 

P.s : You can also save this activity under your no-prep activity folder.

Easter Egg Tracing Activity

Wait, What is Tracing Tools?

Tracing tools are materials that we use to trace things such as color pencils. We usually use color pencil to trace things.

Some toddlers prefer using crayon, color marker, Q-tips and more. 

You can give any kind of tracing tools to your toddlers, as long as they enjoy it.

But for this post, I would give example of tracing using color pencils.

Playing with Easter Egg Tracing Pages

There are several types of line in this Easter tracing printables. This includes straight lines, curvy lines and circle shapes.

All these create a pattern for your child’s Easter eggs. 

Let them trace the 8 Easter eggs, then color them afterwards. 

There are also 4 Easter eggs without any tracing or pattern. These are made available especially for your toddlers to design their own eggs using their creativity. 

easter eggs tracing activity

Adding some twist to Easter Egg Tracing Printables

We can play with this Easter Egg Tracing printables in various ways. Among other ideas include :

Dot stickers

Toddlers love to play with any stickers. Miss 3, whenever she got a storybook with stickers, she would go to that sticker pages first to peel and paste them onto any surface – book’s pages, on the wall, on the dress, practically anywhere.

For this Easter Egg Tracing Activity, let your toddler put the dot stickers along the tracing lines of the eggs.

The eggs will look bright and interesting. 

Dot stickers are great for toddlers to play with because, apart from them having fun, those little stickers actually good to enhance their fine motor skills and great for eye hand coordination practice.


Dip Q-tips in the watercolor and trace the lines in the eggs using colored Q-tips. 

This will be messy but oh so fun! 

For messy play, you can do it either in big tray or put some old bed sheets as a layer under the activity mat.

Or you can let the kids play in dried swimming pool; so that it’s easier to clean up later. 

Lotion or Shaving Cream

For this option, you need to laminate the mat first. 

Once laminated, pour some lotion or shaving cream onto the Easter Egg Tracing Activity Mat. 

Let your toddler find the eggs; then trace the eggs and the tracing lines on the egg using their bare fingers.

What other things toddlers benefit from this tracing activity?


And majority of what they gain from this activity are super important for their social skills development, pre-writing readiness and counting readiness.

Fine motor skills practice

Lots of activity using hands and fingers help to build toddler’s strong fine motor skills.

Eye hand coordination 

They learn to coordinate their hand while their eye are looking at the activity mat.

This will become useful for basic life skills such as buttoning their own shirt, zipping, cleaning up the toys and more.

Easter Egg Tracing Activity

Download Easter Eggs Tracing Pages

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Easter Egg Tracing printables by clicking the Download Button below.

Have fun!

Easter Egg Tracing Pages 2

Shop More Easter Eggs Tracing Pack

Click picture below to get your kids more Easter Eggs tracing activities.

Easter Egg Tracing Pages 3
Have fun tracing lines from left to right. Bright adorable Easter Eggs are ready to excite your kids!
Easter Egg Tracing Pages 4
Over 50 Easter Eggs to be traced. There are tracing with basic lines, shapes and a mixture of lines and shapes.

Easter Egg Tracing Pages 5

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