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Bugs Count and Clip Cards : FREE 16 Low Prep Exciting Clip Cards

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Although bugs can be creepy in real life, but admit it, some kids find bugs fascinating.

The crawling and flying little animals, never fails to amaze curious little kids, right?

If you have a bug lover kids, you surely will love this Bugs Count and Clip Cards.

bugs count and clip cards

Non-bug lover kids would also definitely find them exciting!

Prepping Bugs Count and Clip Cards

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There are only 3 steps needed to prepare for this activity. But first, make sure these 5 things are in hands :

To prepare for this fun activity, you just need to follow this easy peasy steps:

  1. Print the free printables. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to get the download link
  2. Next, laminate the printables
  3. Then, cut the clip cards. The cutting line is made to be super easy to cut. If you have paper cutter, you can just glide on the cutting line.

How to Use the Bugs Count and Clip Cards

There are numerous way to play with this exciting printables.

One of the most fun ways is by using the clothespin.

How does it work?

First, let your kids (or your class) count the bugs.

Then, let them find the right number.

Next, clip the clothespin onto the right number.

Trust me, your kids will love doing the clipping part.

Grab this FREE Printable

Ready for loads of fun? Grab the free clip cards by clicking the download button below.

Have fun!
Bugs Count and Clip Cards : FREE 16 Low Prep Exciting Clip Cards 1
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Bugs Count and Clip Cards : FREE 16 Low Prep Exciting Clip Cards 2

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