watermelon count and clip cards
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Watermelon Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Mouth-watering Clip Cards!

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Summer is coming! And with it comes the watermelons season. How exciting! 

Watermelons and summers are so inseparable.

Hence for your math center, you would definitely have to add this Watermelon Count and Clip Cards. 

These watermelons are not only juicy, but also so bright with smiles that would excite your students instantly!

watermelon count and clip cards

Watermelon Count and Clip Cards

Let me share with you how to prepare this activity.

This is a low prep activity, and you can also twist it using many different ways.

To prepare, all you need to do is just these 2 easy peasy steps :

  1. Print the FREE Printable 
  2. Cut the cards


Yes you read it right, it’s just 2 steps away!

Unless you want the card to be more durable, then you have to laminate it before cutting the cards.

Ok now that you are ready with 20 clip cards. 

How do we use this cards?

How to Use The Watermelon Count and Clip Cards 

You might have figured it out, but let me just share with you one more time; just in case this is new for you.

  1. First, let your class count the watermelon in each card.
  2. Then, let them find the corresponding numbers.
  3. Next, clip that corresponding numbers using clothespin.

So simple and yet so fun!

watermelon count and clip cards printable

Or Just Print and Play

Do you know that this activity can also be done without cutting the cards?

And I love this method the most because well, no prep required and usually my kids can’t wait to play with them.

So how do we play with the Watermelon Count and Clip Card, if we don’t cut the cards?

Easy peasy.

You can cover the corresponding numbers by using any of maths counters available at your class or at your home.

You can cover them using :

  1. Clear counters, or
  2. Bear counters, or 
  3. Unifix Cubes, or
  4. Mega blocks, or 
  5. Pom poms, or
  6. Just color the numbers (my kids love this method the most!)

Ready to Play?

This printable is FREE for you. Grab it by clicking the download button below.

Have fun!

Watermelon Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Mouth-watering Clip Cards! 1

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Watermelon Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Mouth-watering Clip Cards! 2

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