How I Teach Letter Recognition to My Toddler Without Pressure

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Teaching letters and numbers are pretty pressuring for my kids and me.

One thing that we all know is; that kids learn best when they’re having fun.

So what I do first is to ensure I’m not setting other people’s achievements as my benchmark and just go with what my kids feel best.

It’s what people would call child-led learning, I believe?

So to teach my kids about letter recognition it’s super simple.

How I Start

I start with having my kids match the similar-looking letters.

For example, start with lowercase to lowercase letter matching. Or uppercase to uppercase letter matching.

This alone is quite overwhelming because there are a total of 52 letters when we combine both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Tedious to Fun

So to make it more fun, I create something like this, the Watermelon Dot Sticker Letter Matching.

How I Teach Letter Recognition to My Toddler Without Pressure 1

It’s fun because my kids love watermelon. Do your kids love watermelon too?

To do this Watermelon Dot Letter Matching, you’d need either dot stickers (that you write letters on them) or just find the letter stickers (you know, the ABC stickers).

Give the stickers to your kids, and let them hunt for the letters on their own!

This activity was fun because they got to work on their favorite watermelon.

Watermelon Race, anyone?

Plus, you can add some competitions like the ‘Watermelon Race’. The winner would be the one who got their watermelon fully covered.

If you’re looking for something around your house, you can start with having your kids hunt and do the letter matching with the letters in their storybooks, or on the cereal box.

If you have no time to look for things around your house, just download and print the Watermelon Letter Matching freebie below.

In just a few seconds, you’ll be ready.

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    Have fun!

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    How I Teach Letter Recognition to My Toddler Without Pressure 2

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    How I Teach Letter Recognition to My Toddler Without Pressure 3

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