Adorable 80+ Visual Direction Cards for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids

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My little learners always need constant reminders for little tasks.

Like when they finish cutting out their printable activities, you’d think they’d know to throw away the leftover papers, but nope. I have to keep reminding them.

Or else I end up being the one tossing their trash into the bin.

And it’s not just the paper toss.

Putting away crayons in their proper places and returning books to the bookshelf are equally challenging tasks. It can get pretty frustrating.

But I’m also aware that our little ones need consistent nudges to get the hang of things.

Here comes…

So, I thought, what if I create some visual direction cards with numbers?

These labels would go on the wall, making it super easy for my kids to see and follow them. You can use these for your homeschool setting or classroom preparation for Back to School season.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work creating these visual direction cards.


Visual Direction Cards for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids
First, you need to cut. Then glue. After that, to fold the paper.

Here, let me share more sneak peeks.

Visual Direction Cards
These cards are cute to attract little kids’ attention.

The fonts are readable and clear, perfect for your kids who can already read independently to read from a distance.

Visual Direction Cards for Preschoolers
Lots of options for you; for example, there are 3 options for puzzles. and 2 options for spin activity

Two Sizes

This set of visual direction cards comes in 2 sizes – long cards and short cards.

Sometimes we need some long cards to put on the wall.

Visual Direction Cards for Kindergarten Kids
These are the long-sized cards

But sometimes, we don’t have much space, and short cards might be the better option, like the one below.

Visual Instruction Cards for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Kids
These are the short-sized cards.

Scroll below to see how you can use each of them. You can choose which size fit your needs the most.

Visual Instruction Cards for Preschoolers Classroom management
Oh, number labels are included too.

How do these visual direction cards help?

Now, you might be wondering how these cute cards can help with classroom management.

Well, let me share it with you.

Kids, especially the little ones, tend to do better when instructions are broken down into bite-sized pieces that are crystal clear.

And let’s not forget that pictures are a huge plus because, well, they’re not reading experts just yet!

Take a peek at the example pictures I’m sharing here.

Visual Instruction Cards for Kindergarten Kids
The numbers and picture orders will help your kids to clearly see what to do first, next, and last.

This example (using long cards) is showing you how you can visually give directions to your kids for multiple activities.

See how clear they are?

Now, instead of constantly reminding my little ones, they can easily figure out what needs to be done.

Check out the additional examples I’ve got for you below.

Visual Instruction Cards
First, you cut. Next, you put the papers in the trash.
Classroom management Preschool Visual Instruction Cards
I’ve also included some arrow, if you prefer to use arrow for your instructions
Classroom management Visual Instruction Cards
An example of how it’d look with arrow an more than 2 directions. Just follow the arrow.

More independent

These awesome direction cards can be a total game-changer for your homeschooling or classroom setup.

Trust me when I say that your kids will become more independent with their work.

And guess what?

You can get your hands on these fantastic visual direction labels right here in my store.

It’s time to guide your kids in a fun and engaging way. Head to my store and grab your very own set of visual direction cards today.

Shop Visual Direction Cards

Visual Instruction Direction Cards

Visual Direction Cards

Let’s help your little learners to understand and follow instructions more easily.

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