100+ Fun Classroom Labels with Pictures for Back to School Preschool

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Can I share a little secret that helped my kids on their reading journey? It’s all about getting them familiar with the words around them.

Do you know how kids can recognize brand names like Starbucks or McDonald’s?

Well, it’s not because they’re already reading geniuses.

It’s because they’ve seen those words so many times that they can instantly connect the letters to the places they represent.

So, I had this brilliant idea to bring that same concept into our home. I wanted my little ones to easily recognize everyday words like “chair” and “table.”

That’s why I created these awesome classroom labels with pictures. (also perfect for your Back to School preparations) They cover many things like chairs, computers, trash cans, and more. Pretty cool, right?

classroom labels with pictures

Simply Print, or…

If you’re short on time, you can simply print the labels and stick them on your wall or bulletin board. Easy peasy.

classroom labels with pictures for homsechool and classroom

But if you have more time to spare, I highly recommend taking it up a notch. Laminate those labels, cut them out, and stick them right onto the actual objects they represent.

For instance, slap the “chair” label right on a chair or pop the “shelf” label on, well, you guessed it, a shelf!

classroom labels with pictures for back to school

By doing this, those words will sneakily sneak into your kids’ memory banks, making it way easier for them to learn to read. It’s like unlocking a whole new set of words!

Readable Font

Oh, and speaking of unlocking, let’s talk about the font. It’s super cute, yet totally readable. Your kids will be able to spot those labels from a mile away.

Isn’t that awesome?

back to school printables with classroom labels with pictures

Shapes & Colors

Oh, there are also labels for shapes and colors; for your kids to learn how to spell those colors.

shape classroom labels with pictures
colors classroom labels with pictures

So, why not give it a try?

You can test out for FREE four of our labels right here. And if you’re ready for the full deal, check out our shop with over 100 classroom labels with pictures, ready to print

Shop Classroom Labels with Pictures

100+ Fun Classroom Labels with Pictures for Back to School Preschool 1

Classroom Labels with Pictures

Let’s have fun creating print-rich environment in your homeschool and classroom setup.

Wishing you a super happy and successful back-to-school season. Let the reading adventures begin!

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