Toddlers Learning Folder

Toddler Learning Folder, Fall Theme : 60+ Exciting Activities

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Fall is a colorful season that fascinate us in many ways.

Since we love this season so much, I created this Toddler Learning Folder with fall theme.

This packet is created for kids age 2 years and above.

Come and let me share you the details about this fun vibrant pack.

Toddlers Learning Folder

Toddler Learning Folder : Fall Theme

Since it is created for toddlers, I focused a lot on early learning skills activity such as pre-writing tracing and sorting.

Some of the activity are a no-prep activity, while some would require you to do some pre-cut preparation.

This pack includes :

  • 11 pages of Pre-writing Tracing and Shapes Tracing activity
  • 3 sets of Shadow Matching printables which includes owls, pumpkins and fall leaves
  • 3 sets of Color Sorting activity including fall treats color sorting, owls color sorting and apples color sorting
  • 2 sets of Shapes Sorting
  • 7 sets of Emotions Sorting
  • 9 sets of Pattern ABAB
  • 8 pages of Do-a-Dot printables

Let me share you a sneak peak of some of the activities in this exciting Toddler Learning Folder.

Toddlers Learning Folder

Pre-writing Tracing

Pre-writing tracing is an activity that prepares your kids to write letters and numbers in the next couple of years.

In this activity, kids learn to draw a stroke and curves that are the foundation of letters and numbers formation.

This pack’s line tracing starts with basic horizontal lines, zigzag lines and curvy lines.

Toddlers Printables Prewriting tracing horizontal lines
Start with tracing horizontal lines.
Toddlers Learning Folder zigzag lines
Bright foxes with zigzag lines
Toddlers Learning Folder vertical tracing lines
Crows with vertical lines

This pack also includes shapes tracing activities that includes circles, triangle and more.

Toddlers Learning Folder shape tracing
Shape tracing

Shadow Matching

Shadow matching activity is great for visual discrimination skills.

Toddlers Learning Folder Shadow Matching

It helps kids to pay attention to details before sorting the picture to its shadow.

You can try our free Owl Shadow Matching here.

Color Sorting

This is an exciting activity letting your toddlers learning about colors and matching the colors accordingly.

Among of the set included in this pack is fun apples color sorting.

Toddlers Learning Folder Color Sorting


My 16-months old baby girl love to this printables.

She loves to do it with dot stickers because she loves to pull out and paste the stickers.

Toddlers Learning Folder Do-a-Dot

This activity is great for eye-hand coordination because kids are trying to dot or put dot stickers into the small dots.

You can use do-a-dot marker for this activity, or dot stickers.

Or if you are looking for some messy play, let your kids dot the printables using their watercolored fingers.

Pattern ABAB

Pattern is one of essential skills for math.

This pack focuses only on ABAB patterns.

Toddlers Learning Folder Pattern ABAB

First, let your kids study the patterns, then let them copy the patterns accordingly.

Ready for fall season fun?

Get Your Download

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Have fun!

Toddler Learning Folder, Fall Theme : 60+ Exciting Activities 1

Toddler Learning Folder, Fall Theme : 60+ Exciting Activities 2

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