70+ Pages Exciting Preschool Space Theme Printables 1

70+ Pages Exciting Preschool Space Theme Printables

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When planning for preschool theme activities, you’ll rarely go wrong choosing any of these themes; Dinosaur, Space, Farm Animals, or Ocean Animals.

Having said that, you’ll love our Preschool Space Theme Printables pack. Jam-packed with cut and paste activities; your kids will love it to bits!

For my kids, they love that this Space theme printables pack helps them to get to know more about the moon, the stars, and fancy planets.

About the Preschool Space Theme Printables Pack

We used to do the activities in this packet once in a while, especially when observing the changing moon phases.

Let me share a sneak peek of our fun Space theme activity packet.

70+ Pages Exciting Preschool Space Theme Printables 2

Let’s Get to Know the Outer Space

For an introduction, your kids will get to know the names of planets and other planet things.

While your kids might already have watched countless YouTube or documentaries about Space, they’ll always find it exciting to do printable Space activities.

This type of activity would allow them to brag about their knowledge about Space.

My kids love to brag with me, ha!

#1: Space Posters for Preschool Kids

These Space Posters are to introduce the Space vocabulary. Or you can turn it into Memory Game!

Preschool Space Theme Printables

P.s: Tips for Memory Game – Print 2 copies of this Space Poster and you are ready to go!

#2: Solar System Labelling

Have your kids refer to the previous Space poster and Solar Systems big picture, then let them copy and label the planets.

preschool space theme

They’ll also get to cut and paste the planets in sequence.

Space Theme Visual Discrimination Activities

While visual discrimination might sound techy or complex, don’t worry, the activities are very simple that your toddler kids will keep on asking for more!

Visual discrimination activities included in this Preschool Space Theme Printables :

  • Shadow Matching
  • Picture Matching
  • Shape Matching.

My toddler loves these kinds of activities.

It’s perfect for your kids who are practicing their scissors cutting skills as well as glue pasting skills.

They’ll get highly motivated to keep on practicing the skills once they found some fun tasks that go well with what they’re currently practicing, and that is the Space theme printables matching activities.

#1: Picture Matching Cut and Paste

Have your kids cut the Space pictures, then paste them on the corresponding matching picture.

space themed activities for preschoolers

This works well with toddlers aged 3-5. Your older kids will love this too!

#2: Shadow Matching Cut and Paste

I thought this was hard for my 3 years old, but she proves that she loves shadow matching to bits!

space preschool theme

#3: Shape Matching Cut and Paste

Cut the Space images in the shapes, paste them accordingly.

preschool space activities

This activity is similar to sorting toy activities. Still, your kids will love this because they’ll get to play with the scissors and glue!

Space Sorting Activities

There is a handful of sorting activities in this Space Theme Printables packet. This includes planet sorts and sorting by size.

#1: Sorting by Planet

Let’s sort the adorable planets by their types!

preschool planet activities

#2: Sorting by Size

Your toddlers will surely love this activity; sort the Space pictures according to their sizes, big or small.

outer space preschool theme

Space Themed Letters Activity

There are two fun letter activities in this packet

#1: Space Letter Recognition & Letter Tracing

Have your kids identify the big lowercase letter, and circle its similar letters floating around the picture.

space themed letters

Don’t forget to trace the letters!

#2: Letter Matching

Cut the Outer Space pictures with letters, then paste them on the matching letters.

preschool space activities for preschool

This activity is more like a picture matching or shadow matching activity, but we’re doing letter matching this time.

Ready for fun preschool Space theme week?

Shop Your Preschool Space Theme Printables Pack

Grab your scissors and glue and shop the Space Activity Pack for your kids here.

70+ Pages Exciting Preschool Space Theme Printables 3

Space Theme Printables Activity Pack

Let’s have fun Space theme week!

70+ Pages Exciting Preschool Space Theme Printables 4

Have fun!

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