Popsicle Count and Clip Cards

Popsicle Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Exciting Clip Cards!

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Colorful, yummy; what’s not to love about popsicle?

My kids love popsicle, and every activity that comes with it; such as making the popsicle together, or playing with some colorful popsicle sticks.

Today I would love to share with you about our fun and exciting printables- the Popsicle Count and Clip Cards!

They are oh so fun because there are so many popsicle flavor included!

Popsicle Count and Clip Cards PRINTABLES

Popsicle Count and Clip Cards

Welcome to our popsicle world, where popsicles can be used to learn some counting.

This pack features colorful and smiling popsicles of many colors.

There are yummy yellow creamy popsicle, pink cherry popsicle, and we even have green apple popsicle.

Each card has a group of popsicle.

Preparing this activity

This is a low prep activity that you will love instantly!

Oh you would just smiling by prepping them.

To prepare, you would need to just follow these 2 steps :

  1. First, print the free printables. You can download it from the download button at the bottom of this post.
  2. Then, cut the cards. I have made the cutting lines to be super easy to be cut.


Yep, you are done prepping with just those 2 steps.

Laminate for durability

Well, unless you want to reuse this printable, you can laminate it right after printing.

And then cut the cards.

Ok, now, how do we play with this yummy Popsicle Count and Clip Cards?
Popsicle Count and Clip Cards

Playing with Popsicle Count and Clip Cards

First, don’t forget to pull out your clothespin supply.

Ok now, you are ready!

To play with this activity, first, let the kids count the popsicle in the card.

And then, they need to clip on the corresponding numbers.

Do it for every 20 yummy cards until all are completed.

Or Just Print and Play!

Well, we don’t always have luxury of time to do some prepping, right?

You can always choose to just print and play with this printables.

How is that so?

Count and Cover

This printable would instantly turn from ‘Count and Clip Cards’ into ‘Count and Cover’ game!

Don’t worry, this option won’t steal any of the fun.

How do we play ‘Count and Cover’

First, let the kids count the popsicle in the card.

Then, the kids would need to cover the corresponding numbers.

The best part is, you can use a variety of math counter to cover the numbers; which include :

  • The popsicle sticks! See, it would be so much fun playing popsicle sticks.
  • lear counter, or
  • Unifix cube, or
  • Some fruits that represent the popsicle flavors, such as strawberries, or cherries, or any flavor that you can think of?

Oh your kids would have a blast playing with this printables.

Now, are you ready to let them have that boat loads of fun?

Get The FREE Download

Wait no more! Grab your FREE printables by clicking on the download button below. Have fun!

Popsicle Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Exciting Clip Cards! 1

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Popsicle Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Exciting Clip Cards! 2

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