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Owl Count and Dot Activity : FREE 6 Counting Owls

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Any dot activity, is a total winner in our house. 

This Owl Count and Dot Activity not only serve its purpose as dot activity, but also as a learning printables to count the numbers.

I love dot activity because with just one activity, it manages to help the kids developing many skills.

Among those are one-to-one correspondence, which means that our kids are learning that one object fits to another one object or another person. This is a skill important for pre-counting.

Dot Activity also helps to develop good eye hand coordination, which happens when the kids are trying to peel of those dot stickers.

They need to focus because the stickers are small. Hence they are practicing eye hand coordination.

This activity also helps to strengthen their cute fingers’ fine motor skills, which is one of important things for pre-writing.

The kids love to stick dot stickers almost everywhere, even on their face. 

So let’s hop in to the activity and start playing with those bright dot stickers.

Owl count and dot activity

Owl Count and Dot Activity

This FREE Printable features 6 cute owls. Each one of them holding a dice with some dots.

Next to the owls, are numbers indicating how many dots are on the dice.

How to Use Owl Count and Dot Activity

To use this resource, your kids just need to put dot stickers on the dots of the dice.

While at this, they will learn about counting and the number symbol. For instance, two dots is written as ‘2’

owl count and dot printable

Alternative to Dot Stickers

If you don’t have dot stickers available, you can always substitute it with other things such as :

  • Do-a-dot Markers
  • Pom poms
  • Gummy Bears
  • Erasers
  • Cheerios cereals
  • Playdough

And more.

Download Your Freebie

Click the button below to download your free Owl Count & Dot Activity. Have fun!

Owl Count and Dot Activity : FREE 6 Counting Owls 1

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