Spring Sight Word Reader 'The' : 10 Fun Simple Sentences for Preschoolers 1

Spring Sight Word Reader ‘The’ : 10 Fun Simple Sentences for Preschoolers

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‘The’ is one of the common word to start a sentence. Hence, I made Spring Sight Word Reader ‘The’ for Miss 6.

‘The’ is quite commonly found in our kids’ storybooks. Sometimes it is at the beginning of the sentence. But sometimes it is at the middle of sentence.

For now, this Sight Word Reader focus ‘The’ at the beginning of sentence.

Spring Sight Word Reader ‘The’

This Sight Word Reader features 10 simple sentences.

I just put picture after the word ‘The’ so that Miss 6 can remember how ‘The’ looks like, how it is pronounced and how it is used.

It is also because sometimes too much words can be confusing and demotivating for little learners, hence, we only focus the word ‘The’ in this reader.

spring sight word reader 'the'

This Sight Word Reader also has some space after the picture.┬áIt is intended to allow learner to copy and write the word ‘The’ next to the picture.

Well, writing do helps us remember better.

Apart from writing using color pencil or crayon, kids can also write using other materials to help them remember. Among other things:

  • Write using fingers on the salt or rice
  • Trace on the playdough using skewer
  • Q-tip tracing using watercolor
  • Glue tracing on the paper

and more.

spring sight words reader 'the'

Preparing Spring Sight Word Reader ‘The’

To prepare this Sight Word Reader :

1. Print it
2. Laminate it for more durability

Then, you are ready to read together!

How to Use This Spring Sight Word Reader ‘The’

Read the word ‘The’ together, and read the pictures as well.

Thankfully Miss 6 got the word ‘The’ even though she read them while she is running around.

Later, we can ask our kids to write the word ‘The’ in the blank space next to each picture.

I also put this on the wall so that Miss 6 can practice reading them every now and then.

sight words reader 'the'

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Have fun!

Spring Sight Word Reader 'The' : 10 Fun Simple Sentences for Preschoolers 2

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