5 Ways How to Use Alphabet Posters In an Exciting Way

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Do you have alphabet posters hanging on your wall? They’ve been a lifesaver when it comes to helping my kids learn how to write words and their names.

Let me tell you about my little 5-year-old rockstar, Hajar. She loves to write, even though she’s not reading just yet. I think it’s because her older siblings are always scribbling in their books, and she’s all like, “I want to do that too!”

So, whenever she comes up to me asking how to write her name or her younger siblings’ names, I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

Sometimes I write the whole thing on paper, and she copies it (which can be so cute). But you know what’s easier?

I tell her which letters she needs to write.

For example, I’d say, “Okay, start with R for rainbow, then write A for Apple.” And guess what?

She’s got our mini-posters on the wall to help her out. It’s like having a little learning buddy right there.

And let me tell you, these alphabet posters are more versatile than you think. They’re like little treasures in our home. (apart from putting up on the wall for back to school purposes)

5 More Ideas How to Use Alphabet Posters

Let me share with you five more awesome ways to use these ABC posters. Let’s Get ready for some alphabet magic.

Idea #1: Copy the Letters

Grab your alphabet poster and pick five letters to focus on. Have your kids grab some crayons or markers and copy those letters onto a piece of paper. Then showcase their writing on your wall. It’s like having a colorful alphabet art show in your home.

How to use the alphabet posters

Idea #2: Letter Hunt

Time to dive into some board book fun! Choose a favorite book from the shelves, and then pick a letter from the alphabet poster. Challenge your kids to find and circle that letter in their book. Be sure to use a highlighter, so it’ll be erasable.

Idea #3: Playdough Mat

Let’s get squishy with playdough! Print out and laminate your alphabet poster. Then, roll out some playdough and use the poster as a guide to shape the letters. It’s like molding the alphabet into colorful playdough masterpieces.

How to use alphabet posters

Idea #4: Draw It

Here’s a creative one for you: Pick a letter of the day and let your kids draw a picture that represents that letter. Then, challenge them to write the letter too. VoilĂ , you’ve got a little artists’ alphabet gallery!

Idea #5: Magnetic Letters

Print out your alphabet posters 4 to a page, so that they’ll make little cards. Grab your magnetic letters and have your kids match them to the letters on the cards. It’ll be like an alphabet puzzle come to life.

how to use alphabet poster in your home and classroom

Easy peasy, right? There you have it, five super simple ideas to have a blast with your alphabet posters. Your kids will be learning and laughing all the way!

Oh, and if you’re on the hunt for some cute and colorful alphabet posters, check out our Rainbow Alphabet Posters. Each letter comes with two picture options, so it’s double the fun.

PS: You can also take a peek at our animal-themed Alphabet Poster or Back to School Alphabet Poster (school supplies themed)

5 Ways How to Use Alphabet Posters In an Exciting Way 1

Alphabet Posters

Print and put these alphabet posters on your wall to teach letters or for writing activities.

I hope you and your kids have a blast with these activities. Let me know how it goes.

Happy alphabet adventures!

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