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How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home

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I remembered the first time I decided to teach my kids to read, I was a bit overwhelmed.

I was wondering what letter should I teach first? Which option is the best, is it phonics or introduction to ABC?

And many more questions…

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 1

But over time looking at my kids’ reading journey, one thing that I can say is, to teach your kids to read is to embrace who our child is and let them progress on their own phase.

Our role is just to be the beacon of light, to show them where to head next.

3 Simple Steps to Teach Your Kids to Read

If you’re like me, a confused mom but wish to teach your kids without pressuring yourselves or drilling your kids too much, try using these 3 simple steps.

  • Step #1: Read aloud together
  • Step #2: Letter Recognition Activities
  • Step #3: Introduce Letter Sounds

Step #1: Read Aloud Together

In today’s post, we will talk about the very first step, which is read aloud together.

Read aloud together is just simply pick any book that your kids find exciting, and read it aloud.

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 2

It can be a board book.

It can be National Geographic magazine of Arctic Fox.

It can be anything.

As long as your kids love the topic, it will work.

Read aloud helps little kids to learn about what is a book, how to hold a book, what are things in a book (the pictures and wriggly texts); and most importantly, bonding with you.

When your little munchkins find the activity exciting, they will begin to ask you to let them do it by themselves.

Eventually, they will ask you about how to read by themselves (this step will be in another couple of years)

Try Today: Let’s Read Color Names

I have a few free mini Color Emergent Reader for you to try.

They are a mini-book.

You’ll only need to print the printables and staple them together.

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 3

Your kids will love learning the colors name with these Color Emergent Reader Mini-Book.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing some of our simple Letter Recognition Activities.

Talk to you later!

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