How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home

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Have you read about the ‘mom pressure’ and ‘mom guilt’ I had when I first decided to teach my first son?

It was a painful experience for both of us, and since then, I vowed to change the way I teach my kids.

I want us to have fun, to bond better, and just to enjoy our learning moment together.

But, things weren’t that smooth. What should I do first?

Teach uppercase or lowercase letters first?

Teach using phonics or the traditional way?

And many more questions…

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 1

But over time, looking at my kids’ reading journey, I can say that teaching your kids to read is to embrace who our child is and letting them progress in their own phase. ​

Our role is just to be the beacon of light, to show them where to head next.

How I Teach My Kids to Read

Briefly, this is how I teach my kids to read at home:

Start simple

If you’re like me, a confused mom but wish to teach your kids without pressuring yourselves or drilling your kids too much, I’d recommend that you start simple – do the read aloud.

What is read aloud?

Read aloud is just simply picking any book that your kids find exciting and read it aloud together.

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 2
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It can be a board book. ​

It can be National Geographic magazine of Arctic Fox. ​

It can be anything.

As long as your kids love the topic, it will work.

How read aloud helps your little kids to read?

Every goal has a process.

So is reading.

If our goal is to help our kids to be able to read independently, first, we have to instill the love of reading and books in them.

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 3
So proud of him!

Read aloud helps because this activity involves us reading with our kids together. And this spells love.

Our kids love it when we spend even a little 10 to 15 minutes reading together.

What’s more exciting is that when your little ones find the activity exciting, they will begin to ask you to let them read by themselves!

You’ll smile with a proud heart seeing you’ve raised a little bookworm who loves books and reading!

Try Today: Pick a book

Why don’t you try doing a short read aloud session today?

Just pick a book or any picture book. If you don’t have any idea about how to read, it’s fine just to read the words without any fun voices, or just tell your kids what picture they’re looking at.

Small gestures from us parents meant a lot to them.

How I Teach My Kids to Read at Home 4
And here she’s pretending to read to her little brother!

For the next step, I’d recommend that you read about the first letter I teach my kids.

I don’t teach the letters in the ABC sequence, but we picked the letters that make their names.

You can read more about it here.

Have fun teaching reading!

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