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How to Teach Letter Recognition to 4 Years Old

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Did you read my previous post about the simple structure to get your kids to learn to read?

If you missed it, here are the 3 simple steps that to teach your kids to read at home, even if you don’t have the teaching experience yet.

  • Step #1: Read together
  • Step #2: Letter Recognition Activities
  • Step #3: Introduce Letter Sounds

In this post, I’ll be sharing Step #2: Letter Recognition activities for you to try this week.

How to Teach Letter Recognition to 4 Years Old 1

Step #2: Letter Recognition Printable Activities

​If your kids are around the age of 3 or 4-years old, I recommend that you start with shape recognition activities.

Start with shape activities

Why shape, and why not letters?

It is because:

  1. Shapes are much simpler than letters.
  2. For example, circle shapes have just that circle thing.
  3. And the triangle shape doesn’t have extra wriggle. It’s just simply 3 straight lines that meet each other.
  4. Before your kids can differentiate the different looks of ABC letters, you’ll need to familiarize them with different things that are much simpler.

Hence, shape recognition activities.

Try Today: Shape Printable Activities

I have some Shape printable activities for you. Try these freebies:

Don’t rush your kids.

Let them build the foundation of being able to differentiate things.

​How to Teach Letter Recognition Activities to 3-4 Years Old

We started with similar letter recognition.

This means, my kids started with activities to match either lowercase letters to lowercase letters or uppercase letters to uppercase letters.

Why this simple step?

Because letter A-Z are already so much.

There are total of 52 letters of lowercase and uppercase letters, and this can overwhelmed beginner.

That’s why I introduce the letters in 3 simple steps:

​​Usually, my kids do lots of Letter Recognition activities for a few months before moving into Letter Sound Activities.

​Sometimes we do Letter Recognition and Letter Sounds; both activities at the same time.

​But most importantly, we don’t skip step 1 (Read Together)

In the next post, I’ll be sharing a few of our Letter Sounds Activities.

Stay tuned!

How to Teach Letter Recognition to 4 Years Old 2

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