3 Hands-On Letter Activities You Can Try Today

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Teaching the ABC letters to help your little ones to read, can be overwhelming.

One thing to decide is what letter should we begin to teach and introduce?

Another thing to decide which method works best; phonic or traditional ABC?

And one other thing to decide what activity would your kids find engaging and exciting?

One teacher would advise one way, and the other teacher would advise the other way.

Calm down.

Take deep breath.

I’d suggest that you observe and follow your kid’s pace.

I’ve bite-sized my own journey of teaching my kids to read.

For our letter activities, I’m kinda picky about it.

I want something that fits me as a busy mom who has a ton of to-do-list on my plate.

But I also want the letter activities to excite my kids right off the bat!

I’ve tried several and these types of ready-to-use printable activities fit us best.

Activity #1: Letter Hunt

My kids love this activity to bits! It’s like doing a treasure hunt of letters!

3 Hands-On Letter Activities You Can Try Today 1

Activity #2: Letter Maze

This activity is about finding the letters in the maze. If your kids struggle to filter the letters in the letter hunt, this activity is for them.

Activity #3: Picture Cut & Paste (errorless!)

This is perfect for your kids who are just beginning to learn their letters. They’d relate the pictures with the letters.

3 Hands-On Letter Activities You Can Try Today 2

We love this activity because ALL of the pictures are right!

This, in turn, will help them big time with acknowledging letter sounds.

These Letter activities are included in my Letter Activity BUNDLE.

Follow their pace…

Learning about the letters in their names will motivate them to know about the letters.

Take your time.

Give grace to your kids.

Let them soak about the letters one at a time.

❤️ Shop and pick your letter activity packet here. Pick one letter packet that starts your kids’ name.

I hope your kids love the letter activities as much as we do.

Have fun!

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