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How I Teach Letter Sounds to My Kids at Home

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Have you read my previous posts about teaching your kids to read even if you don’t have the teaching experience?

Let me recap the summary:

In this post, I’m going to share with you our simple Letter Sound Activities that you can start right away, even if your kids have yet to know their letters sound at this moment.

How I Teach Letter Sounds to My Kids at Home 1

Why do we have to learn about letter sounds?

Because it’s easier for kids to learn to read by themselves.

When they know the sound of each letter, the next thing they’ll need to practice just blends them together.

Starting with 2-letters word such as “is” or “it”, to the CVC 3-letters word such as “c-a-t” or “h-o-t”

Mom-to-Mom Tips to Self Learn Letter Sounds

Now let’s get back to reality where we don’t know how each letter sounds, what more to teach our kids 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have a tips and so far it works.

Let’s Try to Decode the Sound of the Letter A

Let us start with teaching ourselves (before we teach our kids) the sound of the letter A.

Now, when you read /a/, you might don’t really understand what sound it makes.

How I Teach Letter Sounds to My Kids at Home 2

But try this.

Say the word “Apple”.

Now say the word “Ant”.

What sound can you hear?

Yep, it’s the sound of “ae” or “er”

Any sound that makes sense to you and your kids.

How to teach your kids the letter sounds?

It’s the same as teaching yourself.

First, say the word Apple together.

Then say the word Ant together.

Now let’s sing the song A is for Apple, “ae” ae ae.

Give them some space

✋ Don’t expect your kids to get the sound right away.

Give them some space to process this new information.

Just imagine you are trying to learn to read new text, lets say you are trying to learn to read French.

How I Teach Letter Sounds to My Kids at Home 3

It will be so much hard in the beginning, right?

Same thing with your kids.

Try Today: Letters Sounds Printable Activities

I have some Letters Sounds activities for you, try them:

Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I will understand.

Chinese proverb

Your kids will eventually remember their letters sounds by doing the cut and paste activities, add some movements and more.

Beginning Sounds is the Foundation to Your Kids Reading

By far for my kids, Letter Sounds or Beginning Sounds are the most important part that is not to be skipped.

Once your kids know their letters sounds, they will be reading by themselves in no time!

For your kids to remember all their letters sounds, it takes time and will need lots of fun activities.

Make Reading Journey Enjoyable

Reading journey is not a sprint. It is a process.

Let your kids enjoy the process.

Happy kids lead to a happy grown-up and the best life they will live.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing our Cut and Paste Letter Mini-Book activities.

Stay tuned!

How I Teach Letter Sounds to My Kids at Home 4

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