Earth Day Word Puzzle : FREE 5 Exciting Puzzles 1

Earth Day Word Puzzle : FREE 5 Exciting Puzzles

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Earth Day is a perfect day to widen our kid’s vocabulary. The advance word such as Earth, Recycle and Waste are quite a big thing for my kids.

Thus, I appreciate it when Earth Day comes, and those words becoming like a norm in the house.

Today I would love to share our Earth Day Printables, which is Earth Day Word Puzzle.

Earth Day Word Puzzles

This word puzzles aims to help your kids to familiarise with letters and new words.

There are 5 puzzles in this pack, and all of them are Earth Day themed.

Prepping Earth Day Word Puzzles

This is a low prep activity and you can prep in just within 10 minutes or so.

The materials you would need :

  • Printer
  • Paper cutter or Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Plain paper

To prepare for this activity you would need to do just these three things :

  1. First, print this FREE printables (you can download it from the Download Button at the bottom post)
  2. Next, cut the vertical lines that makes the puzzles.
  3. Then, scramble the puzzles.

You are ready to go!

Easy peasy, right?

Earth Day Word Puzzles Printables

How to Use This Earth Day Word Puzzles 

This puzzles can be done by your kids even though he or she is not reading yet.

If your kids are not used to doing puzzle yet, you can guide them.

Let them do one puzzle at a time. Try to piece one piece to another.

Once he or she completed a puzzle, congratulate them.

You can also let them paste the completed puzzle onto a plain paper and make it like a frame picture.

Kids love it when we display their works. It makes them feel proud.

Get the FREE Printable 

This Earth Day Word Puzzles are Free. Grab it now by clicking on the Download Button below.

Happy Earth Day and Have Fun!

Earth Day Word Puzzle : FREE 5 Exciting Puzzles 2

Try Our Earth Day Tracing Pack

Get a look at our Earth Day Tracing pack!

Featuring tracing lines, tracing shapes, tracing numbers and tracing Earth Day’s words.

Perfect for your 3+ year old!

Earth Day Word Puzzle : FREE 5 Exciting Puzzles 3

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