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Christmas Math Center for Preschool : Easy 6 Centers for Engaging Learning

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Christmas is just around the corner. And since it is Holiday season, it’s quite challenging to keep the learning interest among student before school break.

Why not use the festive season as a tool to capture their attention; bright vibrant colored images are sure way to keep kids glued to their centers.

Today let me share with you about our current Christmas Math Center for Preschool.

What is Christmas Math Center?

First of all, Math Center is also known as math activity pack.

There can be various activities, depending on teachers or homeschoolers.

christmas math center

Christmas Math Center is where the Math Center are with Christmas themes; that include of course Santa, gifts, stockings, Christmas Ornaments and more.

My kids love to do themed activities, I’m sure yours do to. It is much more fun to see things related to each other and we are doing activity regarding them.

How to Use The Christmas Math Center

It depends on each educators, because we know our kids best.

For me, I prefer to observe my kid’s response.

First, I would print all of the activities in the Christmas Math Center, and group them.

Then, I would decide which day would be  for which activity.

For instance my planning would look a bit like this:

christmas math center

Be Flexible

The above schedule is just for reference. I’m flexible about it especially if I noticed my kids are not interested to do such activity on that day, I’d try to switch it.

For example, if my kids are not into Christmas Number Puzzle on Wednesday, I would ask them which activity they’d prefer to do at that moment.

I would show them the options, and usually they would pick one activity and be merry with it.

It doesn’t mean that the first activity is a fail attempt. But kids being kids; they have their own mood.

I respect this and sure, follow their preference because kids learn best when they are doing the thing that they love (just like us adults, right?)

6 Activities in Our Christmas Math Center

Our Christmas Math Centers for Preschools include 6 exciting activities and focuses on the skills of counting number 1 to 10.

But first, let’s talk about getting this center ready.

#1 : No-Prep

Oh I am so loving with No-Prep activities that I’m starting to make my resources No-Prep!

Since Christmas Math Center is about hectic holiday season where we have never ending to-do list, each of the activity in this pack is created to be no-prep, including the Number Puzzles.

Just print the pack and you are ready to go!

#2 : Christmas Math Center in Action

The activities in this pack is arranged so that your 4-years old+ can follow the concept of counting number 1-10.

Activity Center #1 : Christmas Counting Mats

First, we use the Christmas counting mats to recognize the quantity and what it is called.

For example, the quantity ‘1’ is called ‘one’

I love to use the counting mats with objects around us. Not necessarily fancy objects.

Let’s say you have clothespins laying around; grab those clothespin and put them on the counting mats.

Christmas Counting Mats

While doing this, do the counting together. This is called one-to-one correspondence activity and it helped my kids a lot to recognize quantity of numbers.

Activity Center #2 : Christmas Number Maze

This center focuses on developing kid’s number recognition. They have to color the same number that is showed on the elf’s scroll.

If the elf is showing number 5, then they need to find all the number 5 in the box and color them all.

Christmas Number Maze

To attract your kids’ attention, this Christmas Number Maze is made with the objective to help the Christmas car drive to the Christmas house.

Oh young kids love to feel that they are contributing to something.

Activity Center #3 : Christmas Number Puzzles

This pre-scrambled Christmas Number Puzzles surely would be a big win with your kids.

Why not?

They are challenged to re-arrange the puzzles to find what the mystery pictures are!

Christmas Number Puzzle

But truth is, this activity is as simple as it can be because all they need to do is arrange the number 1 to number 10 in sequence.

Answer Key is provided, just in case you need to give your kids a hint.

Christmas Number Puzzle

Activity Center #4 : Christmas I Spy Game

I Spy game is great for visual discrimination.

In this pack, there are 2 sets of game – the one that focused on counting number 1 to 5, and the one that focused on counting number 1 to 10.

You decide based on your kid’s skills.

There are many ways to do this. The concept is to count each of the item, and record the number in the give boxes.

Christmas I Spy

My girl’s way is to number each of the item that she found, so that she won’t miss any of them, or miss-count them.

Activity Center #5 : Christmas Count and Graph

This activity is more or less the same as I Spy Game.

The difference is, once you found one similar item, you need to color the graph.

And if you found another one, color the bar on top of the already colored bar.

Christmas Count and Graph

Do this until all have been found.

Activity Center #6 : Christmas Measurement

Now before you think this topic is quite heavy for 4-years old, keep on reading. I thought the same thing too at first, until I tried it out.

This activity is about measuring Christmas things using non-standard measurement tool.

That means, they are measuring it using their daily toys such as block cubes, mini erasers or clothespin.

The way to use this is first, line-up those manipulative (toys) on the measuring lines.

Christmas Measurement Cards

Then, count the total of the manipulative on the line.

Next, write the numbers in the given boxes.

Math is Fun!

Your math centers is sure to be a hit.

Your kids will love practicing their counting skills with the companion of Christmas merry and friendly features.

There’s a lot to chat about and surely they will be eager to complete each activity.

Happy kids definitely equals to them learning at their best!

Start making Math Fun with Christmas Math Center (click HERE for your instant download)

Christmas Math Center

Christmas Math Center for Preschool : Easy 6 Centers for Engaging Learning 1

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