3 Fun Transportation Counting Activities That Will Wow Your Kids 1

3 Fun Transportation Counting Activities That Will Wow Your Kids

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One of the most popular themes among my kids is transportation theme. You’ll rarely go wrong with this theme.

If you’re looking for transportation theme counting worksheets for your week, you’re going to love our Transportation Math packet here.

transportation counting

Among the 3 activities that your kids would love to bits include those with construction vehicles and trains

Let me share a sneak peek.

Activity #1: Number Recognition

To do this activity, first, have your preschool kids identify the number on the construction truck.

preschool counting worksheets

Then, color the construction signs that have the matching number.

Activity #2: Number Tracing

This activity is perfect for your counting mats and number tracing activities.

Count the pictures in the 10-Frames and trace in the numbers.

counting transportation worksheets preschool

Or you can use this as your counting mat.

To do that, first, pull out your toy trucks.

Then, have your kids put one toy on one picture while counting them together.

Activity #3: Train 10-Frames

Let’s go choo choo with this fun Train 10-Frames!

Just count the train cars in the 10-Frames, then paste the corresponding numbers.

transportation math counting worksheets preschool

If your kids don’t know what number it might be, it’ll be fine to let them refer to the previous 10-Frames Number Tracing activity.

These activities are included in our Transportation Math packet.

Shop Your Transportation Counting Worksheets

It’s time for fun transportation counting!

Be sure to shop your transportation counting works pack here.

counting transportation preschool worksheets

Transportation Counting to 10

Pull out your crayons, scissors and glue; your kids are going to have fun counting activities!

3 Fun Transportation Counting Activities That Will Wow Your Kids 2

Have fun!

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