60+ Adorable Measurement Non-Standard Units Cards for Back to School

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Once your little ones know how to count from 1 to 10, it’s best to vary your counting activities to keep them engaged and interested.

One of the best ways to bolster their counting skills is by having measurement non-standard unit activities.

What is Measurement Non-Standard Unit?

As adults, we measure things using rulers or tapes with fixed values, such as inches or centimeters. But for kids, we measure things using other things—this is called measurement in nonstandard units.

For example, you can measure a book using an eraser. How many erasers is the book long?

Or measure a pencil using cotton balls. How many cotton balls are the length of the pencil?

To help busy parents and teachers like you, I’ve created a cute measurement nonstandard unit packet filled with nonstandard rulers and things to measure.

Measurement Non-Standard Units Worksheets

Here, let me show you a sneak peek of them.

You will get 60 measurement cards. They are cute school supplies that you can find easily.

You will also get nonstandard rulers: teddy bear ruler, chains ruler, and cube ruler.

Measurement Non-Standard Units Cards
Adorable non-standard rulers

Cut out these rulers and laminate them if you wish.

Then, have your kids measure the things on the measurement cards using these rulers.

You can also use other things to measure (not necessarily using our non-standard ruler)

For example, use buttons to measure the school supplies.

Let’s take a look at the below example.

Measurement Non-Standard Units Preschool
Just line up the button along the arrow, and let your kids count and measure.

Easy peasy.

There are also recording sheets for your kids to record the measurements of each other things they measured.

Measurement Non-Standard Units Worksheets

So much fun for strengthening their counting skills and measurement skills.

You can get these cute measurement cards from my store here.

Shop Back to School Measurement Non-standard Unit Worksheets

Measurement Non-Standard Units

Shop Measurement
Non-Standard Unit Cards

Use these cute Measurement Nonstandard Units for your Back to School activities. Activities include measuring the height, the length, and the distance.

Each card has an arrow to help guide your kids to measurement.

Have fun.

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